Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 201: Who Dares to Touch My Yuan-Er!

Chapter 201: Who Dares to Touch My Yuan-Er!

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“Truly the ignorant is fearless! You aren’t thinking that because I’m an alchemist, my combat power is subpar, right? Today, I’m going to teach you just what kind of strength sect core disciples have!” Yang Hao said frostily.

Ye Yuan curled his lips and said, “I say, you’re annoying. Are the martial arts of core disciples all on lip service?”

“You’re courting death, Ye Yuan!”

Yang Hao already had enough of Ye Yuan’s provocation and could not hold back any longer. He made his move!

“Great Thousand-Leaf Hand!” Yang Hao cried out in a low voice. A palm created illusions of countless palms, smacking towards Ye Yuan.

Seeing Yang Hao make a move, everyone was secretly shocked!

“Tranquil Cloud Sect’s core disciple’s strength is indeed fathomless! This Great Thousand-Leaf Hand is a superior-grade Tier 2 technique, right? It has actually been cultivated to such a level by him!”

“This move, I’m afraid that none of us Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists can receive it. I really dare not believe that this was unleashed by a youth who is not yet 20 years old!”

“Isn’t he an alchemist? His martial path prowess is also so formidable! This time, Ye Yuan is in danger. He is only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, way too weaker than Yang Hao!”

This move by Yang Hao quelled everybody!

Among these people, the majority of them were Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists, and there were even quite a number of peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists.

But when they asked themselves, they would also find it very difficult to gain an edge when facing this move from Yang Hao.

The present Yang Hao was akin to transforming into a Thousand Hand Bodhisattva. Heaven cleaving and earth covering palms blotted Ye Yuan out!

But Ye Yuan just looked at Yang Hao smilingly without any intention of making a move.

Yang Hao came forth in a threatening manner and came prepared to deliver a blow which would heavily injure Ye Yuan. But he had yet to approach Ye Yuan when an extremely powerful aura surged face-on, stagnating all of his movements!

“Ye Hang, your opponent is me! What kind of capabilities is acting in the way of the strong bullying the weak?!”

This Crystal Formation Realm aura was precisely released by Ye Hang, but Wan Donghai naturally would not leave it unchecked. He also charged at Ye Hang right away!

Ye Hang gave a cold chuckle. His essence energy suddenly erupted, his entire being becoming like a blazing fire.

“Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon!”

Ye Hang waved a single hand. A fire dragon formed out of essence energy headed for Wan Donghai.

Wan Donghai’s face turned ashen. With his Crystal Formation Realm strength, he actually had a feeling that it could not be overcome with force.

In a hurry, Wan Donghai forcefully revolved his movement technique and barely evaded this blow from Ye Hang.

However, although he avoided this attack, Wan Donghai appeared very ragged. He was brushed by the fire dragon, burning a large hole.

At the same time, on the other side, this Great Thousand-Leaf Hand from Yang Hao was filled with boundless majesty. But with a mere flick of a sleeve from Ye Hang, a burst of incomparably powerful wind carried him to the side.

With a crash, Yang Hao’s body slammed onto a table, scattering the food items on the table all over the floor.

Ye Hang making his move stunned everyone with his technique!

“You . . . You’re actually already at the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm!”

Wan Donghai was immensely shocked. A few days of not seeing him and Ye Hang actually already broke through to Second Level Crystal Formation Realm.

Not just that, his battle power was also not on the same level as before. That fire dragon move just now was so powerful that Wan Donghai did not even dare to clash against it!

This move, Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon was precisely the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s Mortal Chapter’s third accompanying martial technique. Its might was extremely powerful!

Ye Hang had only just comprehended a modic.u.m of it. Otherwise, it would not have been as simple as Wan Donghai getting a hole in his clothes earlier!

Yang Hao crawled up from the ground, his entire body stained with grease, looking very scruffy.

He pointed at Ye Hang and bellowed in rage. “You dare to make a move against a sect core disciple! You, this is provoking my Tranquil Cloud Sect! I think that you’re tired of living, right?”

Ye Hang was expressionless as he said, “If you’re not a sect disciple, you would already be a corpse right now! Whoever dares to touch my Yuan-er has to be prepared to receive my wrath!”

Ye Hang said these words with a vast killing intent. Coupled with his somewhat rugged outer appearance, it was truly overbearing.

“You dare to provoke the sect for your son? Ye Hang, I’ll report today’s matter as it is to the sect. You just wait!” Yang Hao threatened.

“You can also represent the Tranquil Cloud Sect with the likes of you? What a joke! Yuan-er is about to become a sect disciple. Compared to him, you’re far off! I don’t believe that the sect will deal with a genuine genius for a mediocre talent like you!” Ye Hang struck mercilessly.

Hearing Ye Hang’s words, many people were secretly dumbfounded. They thought to themselves that this Ye Hang was indeed domineering!

They knew that Ye Hang was famous for being protective of his son, but they did not think that he actually even dared to offend sect disciples for Ye Yuan!

Yang Hao was so infuriated by Ye Hang that he was smoking from his orifices. As a sect core disciple, his ident.i.ty was incomparably exalted in the secular world.

Even if the ruler of a country were to meet him, they would be reserved and respectful.

But Ye Hang did not give him any face at all!

“Good! Very good! Ye Hang, you will pay the price for today’s actions!” Yang Hao gritted his teeth and said.

At this time, Su Yulin who had been silent the whole time finally voiced out. “I really did not think that my greatest opponent today was actually you, Ye Hang! However, Ye Yuan must die today no matter what!”

“Humph! Just bring it on! Want to touch my Yuan-er? Not unless you step over my dead body!” Ye Hang said with an icy snort.

“Is that so? No need to step over your corpse. There will be someone to deal with you! Second Brother, you go and kill Ye Yuan! Leave Ye Hang to me, I’ll hold him! Wan Donghai, you go and handle Nanfeng Lou! Everyone listen up, as long as you follow me, Su Yulin, in the future, you will enjoy endless riches and glory! As long as you kill Nanfeng Lou and his niece, I’ll confer you a different surnamed princes.h.i.+p! Attack!” Su Yulin gave a loud cry, finally shattering the controlled situation.

He originally wanted to control these aristocrats through medicinal pills, taking down the Ye Family father and son, and the Nanfeng Family without any bloodshed. He did not think that it would be completely ruined by Ye Yuan.

The Su Family already pulled in quite a number of forces after these few years of painstaking planning. Removing those who were neutral, they would basically be evenly-matched with the Nanfeng Family.

Over at Nanfeng Yi’s side, he already arranged a backup plan. As long as they took down Nanfeng Lou and Nanfeng Ruoqing, the overall situation would be fixed!

However, Ye Yuan must die!

Because it was highly likely that Su Yishan died in Ye Yuan’s hands!

Su Yishan was the son most highly regarded by Su Yulin. In order to nurture Su Yishan, Su Yulin expended a great deal of effort. But Su Yishan had not even grown up yet before dying in Ye Yuan’s hands. He would not let Ye Yuan go no matter what.

Even if Ye Yuan presently already had core disciple ident.i.ty, he still had not entered the sect yet.

As long as there was Su Yuting mediating things in between, he believed that the sect should not blame him too much.

After all, a dead genius was no longer a genius.

A powerful aura was released, and Ye Hang’s face changed due to that!

This Su Yulin actually also broke through to the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm!

This time, it was quite troublesome. Su Yulin and Wan Donghai were different. He was a pure martial artist with plentiful combat experiences!

This was truly something unexpected.

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