Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 202: Essence Energy Ignition!

Chapter 202: Essence Energy Ignition!

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Ye Hang and Su Yulin partic.i.p.ated in the Pill Grading a.s.sembly, but in order not to draw attention, they deliberately suppressed their aura.

Now that it abruptly erupted, the shock it brought everyone could be imagined.

However, while Ye Hang was stunned by Su Yulin’s breakthrough, how was Su Yulin not surprised by Ye Hang’s breakthrough?

Su Yulin originally thought that with his Second Level Crystal Formation Realm strength, it was sufficient to take control of today’s situation. But he did not think that Ye Hang, this variable, would pop out.

Furthermore, from Ye Hang’s attack just now, it could be seen that his combat power was not as weak as the average alchemist!

Therefore, he did not talk nonsense like saying stepping over Ye Hang’s corpse to kill Ye Yuan but gave this task to Su Yubai.

“Ye Yuan, you didn’t imagine that you’re ultimately still going to die in my hands, right? Today, I’m going to use your fresh blood to hold a memorial for Su Yishan’s spirit in heaven!” Su Yubai said coldly.

“You’re overthinking it! That time in the academy was your one and only chance. Once you missed it, there won’t be that chance ever again!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Is that so? If you include me?” Yang Hao said.

“Your opponent is me! Ye Yuan, are you okay with dealing with Su Yubai?” Nanfeng Ruoqing blocked Yang Hao and asked Ye Yuan rather worriedly.

No matter what, Su Yubai was a half-step Crystal Formation Realm. His strength was way high than Ye Yuan.

“Piece of cake,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“Humph! Blind, reckless fool! Go and die!” Su Yubai attacked Ye Yuan with the force of a thunderbolt.

Ye Hang’s face turned cold. He was just about to move to stop it when Su Yulin rushed over!

Helpless, Ye Hang could only turn around and match up with Su Yulin.

“Yuan-er, you be careful! After father settles Su Yulin, I’ll come to save you!” Ye Hang only had the time to throw Ye Yuan one sentence.

“Father only manage to deal with Su Yulin. It isn’t so easy for this old thing to want to kill me!”

Ye Yuan also threw down a sentence. Activating Spirit Void Shattering s.p.a.ce, he drifted to dodge Su Yubai’s attack.

At this moment, the entire great hall was already in great confusion. Both parties had completely sunk into a chaotic fight.

However, what determined the final fighting outcome was still the matchup among the Crystal Formation Realm martial artists!

As long as victory and defeat were determined between Ye Hang and Su Yulin, the scales of victory will tip towards the winning side!

Su Yubai’s move missed, and he said with a cold sneer, “Trying to rely on movement techniques to shake me off? Naïve! Aren’t you aware that half-step Crystal Formation Realm can train in Tier 3 martial techniques?”

“Tranquil Soul Step!”

Su Yubai gave a low cry, and his body actually vanished in thin air!

Ye Yuan suddenly felt his scalp tingle. A thick, bone piercing killing intent from the back.

Without even thinking, he revolved the Nine Swords Stance. Nine Ye Yuans appeared at the same time!


The floor of the great hall was sent flying by Su Yubai’s palm. Ye Yuan barely avoided this attack!

“Humph! This move again! You really think that I can’t do anything about you?”

Su Yubai snorted coldly, and his figure disappeared once more!

“Heaven Flipping Palm, Overturning Heaven and Earth! Go to h.e.l.l!”

Su Yubai’s figure appeared on Ye Yuan’s flank this time, but the move become a large area-of-effect attack!

Places where the palm wind swept through became bare! Forget about Ye Yuan only having nine silhouettes, even if there were 18 phantoms, they would also be struck by Su Yubai!

Even though the power was not as great as before, it still left Ye Yuan’s nine silhouettes nowhere to hide!

Overturning Heaven and Earth was the Heaven Flipping Palm’s ultimate move. It could only be executed after training to Great Circle rank.

Su Yubai had already gradually progressed this move for several decades. Executing it was effortless.

An enormous sense of danger came from the front!

“Careful, Yuan-er!” Although Ye Hang was in a great battle with Su Yulin, he was ultimately unable to set his mind at ease about Ye Yuan’s side.

While he knew that his son was no longer the person he was, compared to Su Yubai, his cultivation realm was too low in the end!

“Humph! You’d better worry about yourself!” Su Yulin attacked with a palm, forcing Ye Hang to the point where his hands and feet were in a flurry.

Ye Yuan already had nowhere to avoid this attack!

“Essence Energy Ignition! Nine Swords Stance!”


Right then, Ye Yuan’s body was like it was immolating. The essence energy in his entire body was seething!

At this moment, Ye Yuan actually did not dodge but activated the Nine Swords Stance at full power!

Rapidly, nine streaks of sword beams fired out chaotically towards Su Yubai!

Su Yubai was still immersed in the thrill of victory earlier, but now, his face changed greatly!

Nine streaks of horrifying to the extreme sword beams actually pa.s.sed through his palm wind just like that, shooting over swiftly!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Ye Yuan took a palm from Su Yubai solidly, his body flying out like a kite with a broken string.

Su Yubai would never have thought that Ye Yuan would use this kind of internecine fighting method. Currently, he wanted to display his movement technique, but it was already too late!

Su Yubai could only dodge on the spot!

However, these nine streaks of sword light were incomparably dense. How could it be easy for him to dodge all of it?

A severed arm suddenly flew up!

Ye Yuan’s sword beam actually shaved off one of Su Yubai’s arm!

Su Yubai barely managed to evade eight streaks of sword beams, but was unable to dodge this ninth sword beam!

He utilized all the essence energy in his body to defend against this streak of sword beam, but this sword beam disregarded his half-step Crystal Formation Realm essence energy protection, chopping off one of his arms like breaking a dead branch from a tree!

“AHH . . . !”

A miserable cry echoed out. Su Yubai was in an agonizing pain.

“Yuan-er!” Ye Hang clearly saw just now that Ye Yuan was sent flying. Forcing Su Yulin back with a palm, he wanted to free himself to go over.

“Trying to leave? Not so easy! Hang on, Second Brother! I’ll come right away after taking care of Ye Hang!”

Su Yulin latched onto Ye Hang persistently and did not have the intention of bothering with Su Yubai.

Ye Hang was originally in the weaker position when facing Su Yulin. With Su Yulin entangling with him and not letting him go, Ye Hang essentially could not shake him off!

“Go to h.e.l.l, Su Yulin!”

Being pestered by Su Yulin, Ye Hang was worried about Ye Yuan’s safety. Each move executed was a suicidal fighting style and actually suppressed Su Yulin for a moment!

“Ah! My arm! Why? I clearly activated essence energy protection! Why was it still like this?”

Su Yubai could not understand how could an attack unleashed by a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm possibly directly disregard his essence energy s.h.i.+eld?

That was just one streak of sword light!

How could a sword beam fired out by a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm possibly sever a half-step Crystal Formation Realm’s arm directly?

He did not know that when Ye Yuan released the Nine Swords Stance earlier, he used the complementing martial technique for the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, Mortal Chapter’s Second Skill: Essence Energy Ignition!

Essence Energy Ignition was not some amazing skill. Its specialty was to increase the might of martial techniques, causing the martial techniques unleashed by a martial artist to increase in power several times over!

The Nine Swords Stance was originally an extremely powerful martial technique, even though it was limited by Ye Yuan’s realm and could not unleash its true power.

But after the might of the Nine Swords Stance was increased multiple times, it was sufficient to kill the half-step Crystal Formation Realm Su Yubai!

Su Yubai should be thankful that this streak of sword light did not hit his vital points. Or else, it would not just be a severed arm right now!

“Ah! Ye Yuan! I’m going to kill you! Go die!”

Su Yubai went berserk!

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