Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 203: Unexpected Interference!

Chapter 203: Unexpected Interference!

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Everyone was dumbfounded!

A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm and half-step Crystal Formation Realm’s match. The result was actually both suffering a loss!

“What the h.e.l.l? How can Ye Yuan be so strong? Su Yubai is a veteran half-step Crystal Formation Realm expert. He actually had an arm chopped off directly!”

“Yeah. A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm junior could actually defeat a half-step Crystal Formation Realm in a few rounds. Is this a joke?”

“Is this really that trash Ye Yuan? He clearly did not even have a penny to his name not long ago, and now, he can actually already stand on the same level together with us, the older generation?”

Everyone was speechless with shock. At Ye Yuan’s age, he should be forming ties with their sons and nephews in the same generation.

But now, they had to admit that Ye Yuan was already on an entirely different level from their sons and nephews! Ye Yuan already possessed the strength to threaten, even kill some of them, the senior generation experts!

To think that a 15-year-old youth was already on the same level as them. These people felt rather peculiar, but even more so, their inadequacy.

What a fine son Ye Hang gave birth to! Many people sighed emotionally in their hearts.

After Ye Yuan hit the ground, with a puhwark, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

He forcefully took a hit from the palm wind. All of his organs were currently in turmoil; all of them s.h.i.+fted places.

Luckily, Su Yubai scattered the palm strength in order to hit him. Otherwise, the full power attack from a half-step Crystal Formation Realm, even if it was the palm wind, was also not something that the current Ye Yuan could withstand.

Without the slightest hesitation, after hitting the ground, Ye Yuan fished out a medicinal pill to swallow and started healing his injuries.

However, he did not dare to meditate to recuperate. This was a battlefield right now. If somebody were to seize the opportunity to give him a blow, he would be screwed.

“I’m going to kill you, Ye Yuan!”

Su Yubai’s roar shook until the roof nearly collapsed. It was evident just how furious he was at the moment!

Su Yubai temporarily used essence energy to seal the wound and directly charged towards Ye Yuan.

Su Yubai was only missing an arm which did not affect his movement. But Ye Yuan was presently heavily wounded. It was impossible for the circulation of essence energy to be as smooth as before.

However, at this time, he could not be bothered with his injuries. He could only forcefully revolve essence energy to deal with Su Yubai’s pursue.

The one-arm Su Yubai pounced over with immense speed, so fast that when he arrived in front of Ye Yuan, his figure vanished once again,

Tranquil Soul Step!

This footwork was fleeting and ephemeral; it was extremely hard to determine the person’s location!

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and displayed Spirit Void Shattering s.p.a.ce to the maximum, wanting to avoid this attack from Su Yubai.

However, he suffered too heavy an injury in the end. His movement was not as agile as before.

“I’m going to tear you to shreds, Ye Yuan!”

An angry howl sounded beside Ye Yuan’s ear. This fellow ran behind Ye Yuan again!


Under everybody’s astounded eyes, a figure flew out.

Not Ye Yuan, but Su Yubai!

Everyone only felt their eyes blur. A black-clothed martial artist blocked in front of Ye Yuan and looked indifferently at Su Yubai who had just flown out.

“All right?”

“Still okay. Won’t die. Luckily, you made it in time.”

“I truly did not expect that you achieved those lofty aspirations you said the other day so quickly. Truly remarkable!”

“Hur hur, give me another month, and I wouldn’t look so miserable.”

“En, I think so too. But, there’s no need to waste time on this sort of people. You’re someone destined to do great things.”

“Haha, if he doesn’t die, I don’t have the mood to do great things! Oh right, I haven’t congratulated Teacher Huyan for breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm yet!”

“Hur hur, isn’t it all thanks to you? Exercise your powers to recover. I’ll stand guard for you!”


This black-clothed martial artist was none other than Huyan Yong who broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm after consuming the Crystal Formation Pill!

Back then, Huyan Yong was heavily wounded until he was coughing up blood after one hit from Su Yubai. But today, Huyan Yong sent Su Yubai flying with one blow. It could also be considered a greatly satisfying retribution.

After obtaining Ye Yuan ‘s Crystal Formation Pill, Huyan Yong had been in closed-seclusion without exiting these few days to breakthrough to the Crystal Formation Realm at full force. He finally broke through the bottleneck yesterday and became a Crystal Formation Realm powerhouse.

Huyan Yong spent an entire day to consolidate his realm and went to find Jiang Yunhe directly after leaving seclusion.

Jiang Yunhe’s eyes nearly fell out after he saw Huyan Yong!

Huyan Yong only said that he was entering seclusion, but he actually broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm directly after completing seclusion. Jiang Yunhe could not help but be surprised.

Before Huyan Yong entered seclusion, he was only at the peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

According to common sense, wanting to cross this threshold needed at least over ten years, to first experience half-step Crystal Formation Realm before he could improve a step further and cross this heavenly chasm.

But now, Huyan Yong virtually broke through overnight. This was too unbelievable!

However, Huyan Yong did not explain much to Jiang Yunhe. He told Jiang Yunhe that he wanted to go to the Pill Grading a.s.sembly.

Jiang Yunhe hesitated slightly before agreeing.

In reality, he wanted to go too. But due to his ident.i.ty and sect rules, it was not convenient for him to show up.

When Huyan Yong rushed over to the Drunken Star Manor, he just happened to see the scene of Ye Yuan and Su Yubai both heavily wounded, and his pupils involuntarily constricted. He could not have imagined that Ye Yuan had actually matured to such an extent.

“Crystal Formation Realm powerhouse! Another Crystal Formation Realm powerhouse actually came! Who’s this person? I’ve no recollection of him.”

“Father, he’s our academy’s instructor, Huyan Yong. However, before I returned to the capital this time, he was still at the peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. How did he already broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm after not seeing him for several days?”

“What? You said that he was still at the peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm a few days ago? Not half-step Crystal Formation Realm? This . . . How is this possible?”

“Absolutely not mistaken!”

“. . . . . .”

Huyan Yong’s appearance thoroughly shattered the present situation. The forces over on the Su Family’s side had thoughts of withdrawing after seeing Huyan Yong send Su Yubai flying with one palm.

Su Yubai was sent flying with one palm by Huyan Yong, aggravating his existing injuries.

However, what he was more shocked by was that Huyan Yong actually broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm! This fact intensified the shock.

To Su Yishan, Huyan Yong was only a junior from the younger generation. Now, this junior actually overtook him. Such utmost mockery.

“Huyan Yong! Y-You actually broke through! This is not possible!”

“Thanks to Elder Su’s blessings, Huyan Yong broke through by luck,” Huyan Yong said coolly.

“Huyan Yong! What audacity you have! As the academy’s instructor, you actually intervened in secular affairs! You, this is violating the academy’s rules! I’ll highlight this to the dean and make him punish you severely!”

“As the Disciplinary Hall’s First Elder, Elder Su’s status and position are much more ill.u.s.trious than mine. I wonder why you’re present here and even brutally exchanging blows with my student?”

“Humph! I’m here today as a member of the Su Family! There has nothing to do with the academy!”

“Is that so? This excuse of Elder Su’s is so forced! However, I’m only here today to protect my student. As the academy’s instructor, protecting the academy’s genius students, this is still acceptable, right? Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s ident.i.ty is different from others. He’s about to enter the sect right away. If he suffers any mishap here, who dares to shoulder the responsibility?”

Su Yubai was so angered that his face turned green.

He knew that these words were just excuses eked out by everyone. If the sect were to really investigate into this, n.o.body could shoulder it.

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