Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 204: I’ll Also Disclose a Revelation!

Chapter 204: I’ll Also Disclose a Revelation!

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With Huyan Yong guarding, Ye Yuan could rest at ease and circulate his powers to boldly refine the medicinal strength.

As for Su Yubai and Huyan Yong’s crossing of verbal swords, he could not be bothered with it.

In the martial artist world, it was never about talking. What it depended on was power!

Huyan Yong broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm now. No matter how much Su Yubai mouthed off, it was also useless.

Even to the sect, Crystal Formation Realm martial artists were absolutely not chess pieces that could be randomly abandoned. Even if the Su Family lodged a complaint to the sect, it was also impossible for the sect to do anything to Huyan Yong just because of a word from the Su Family.

In the Tranquil Cloud Sect, Crystal Formation Realm martial artists might not be considered much, but they were the core strength of the sect!

Casually casting away Crystal Formation Realm martial artists was undeniably actions to cripple themselves.

If it was not the most heinous of crimes, it was impossible for the Tranquil Cloud Sect to do this sort of thing.

Furthermore, Huyan Yong’s age was even younger than Wan Donghai and Ye Hang. To step into the Crystal Formation Realm at this age, his future was undoubtedly very bright.

The sect could not overlook this point.

As for the strife for imperial authority in the secular world, it was essentially a trifling matter to the sect. No matter who became emperor, their portion of taxes would not diminish.

“Halt!” Su Yulin forced back Ye Hang with a palm and shouted.

Huyan Yong’s unexpected appearance made this entire situation become delicate. Su Yulin could not be bothered to tussle with Ye Hang anymore.

Ye Hang was worried about Ye Yuan’s safety and naturally did not wish to tangle with him either. With a leap, he arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

Seeing Ye Yuan currently mediating to recover and his complexion gradually turning from pale white to rosy, a large rock in his heart was put down.

Su Yulin’s expression was not good. He fixed his eyes at Huyan Yong and said icily, “You said just now that you’re only here to protect your student, Ye Yuan?”

“That’s right!” Huyan Yong did not deny that.

“Does that mean that if we don’t make a move on Ye Yuan, you won’t intervene in today’s matters?” Su Yulin stared with Huyan Yong with burning eyes.

“That’s the case.” Huyan Yong said after thinking about it for a bit.

“Then fine. You can bring Ye Yuan away now! Ye Hang, if you don’t mingle with today’s affairs, you can also leave! In the future, you can continue to operate your Fragrant Medicine Pavilion in the capital. I absolutely won’t make things difficult for you!” Su Yulin said something which gave everyone a huge shock.

Wan Donghai’s face changed greatly when he heard that and he hurriedly said, “Brother Yulin . . .”

He was about to speak when Su Yulin stopped him.

“Brother Donghai! Now are extraordinary times, so we have to use extraordinary means! As long as we take down the Nanfeng Family, can he, Ye Hang, even fight off us teaming up?” Su Yulin transmitted.

Although Wan Donghai still had some misgivings after hearing it, he still gave in.

Ye Hang did not say anything, but Nanfeng Ruoqing and Nanfeng Lou could not stay still.

“Don’t fall for Su Yulin’s trick, Pavilion Lord Ye! This is a tactic to delay under pretext! If the Nanfeng Family falls from power, they definitely won’t let you go!” Nanfeng Ruoqing said urgently.

“Old Brother Ye Hang, we’ve had dealings for so many years already. Don’t fall for this kind of low-level fomenting!” Nanfeng Lou also said.

Su Yulin gave a cold laugh and said, “Is that so? How much effort has Old Brother Ye Hang put in for your Nanfeng Family? But what have you all repaid him with? What can you give him in return?”

“Pavilion Lord Ye, don’t listen to Su Yulin’s nonsense! He thinks that victory is in his hands, but does not know that Imperial Brother already made preparations. Imperial Brother has already gone to get reinforcements currently. Once reinforcements arrive, Su Yulin will definitely die without a burial place!” Nanfeng Ruoqing said.

“Hahaha! Eldest Princess, the reinforcements you’re talking about isn’t the Great Qin Dragon Guards, right?” Su Yulin laughed wildly.

Nanfeng Ruoqing’s face changed when she heard that!

The Great Qin Dragon Guards were top-secret! How did Su Yulin know?

“Is Eldest Princess very perplexed by how come I know about the Great Qin Dragon Guards? In order to deal with me, Nanfeng Yi secretly trained a division. This unit consists of 200 people, each of them possessing Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation! Truly a force so great that it makes others despair!” Su Yulin’s admiration was filled with ridicule.

Nanfeng Ruoqing’s heart immediately sunk like a rock.

A team formed by 200 Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists was enough to instantly kill Su Yulin!

But, this secret weapon was known by Su Yulin beforehand. Then what would be the outcome?

“You . . . How do you know so clearly?” Nanfeng Ruoqing asked with an ashen face.

“Hur hur, how hard is that? This team only has 200 people. Is it strange for there to be one or two of my people inside?” Su Yulin said, proud of himself.

Nanfeng Ruoqing’s face was the color of dirt as she asked, “You . . . you can’t have . . .”

“That’s right. The 200 Great Qin Dragon Guards are already the Great Qin Dead Guards now! Just yesterday, my Su Family’s deathsworn surrounded the Dragon Mountain tightly to do a shooting fish in a barrel! They used five Seven-Stringed Mighty Crossbows to block the Great Qin Dragon Guards. Do you think that they still have any chances of survival?” Su Yulin said.

When Nanfeng Lou and Nanfeng Ruoqing heard that, they sunk into hopelessness.

That was their final trump card. If even this final trump card was completely sunk, the Nanfeng Family was truly finished!

Moreover, they did not feel that Su Yulin was lying to deceive them. The Great Qin Dragon Guards were top-secret in the Imperial Family. Even Nanfeng Zhirou did not know about this.

The so-called trump card was a trump card because others did not know about them. But now, Su Yulin knew about it. How could he let the Great Qin Dragon Guards go?

“Things have already reached this extent, might as well let your despair be more thorough!” Su Yulin’s words were filled with satisfaction.

Nanfeng Lou and Nanfeng Ruoqing exchanged glances. Their faces were pale because they thought about what these words from Su Yulin meant!

Nanfeng Yi!

Since Su Yulin knew about the existence of the Great Qin Dragon Guards, how could he possibly not target Nanfeng Yi?

“Impossible! Imperial Brother is a Crystal Formation Realm powerhouse, and you’re also here. Who can you send to kill him?”

“Heh heh, that’s why I said to let you two despair more thoroughly! These few years, the Su Family had always been Second Brother and me managing things. Has it already been far, far too long since you guys heard news about my big brother?” Su Yulin said with a cold sneer.

Nanfeng Ruoqing did not have much of a reaction, but Nanfeng Lou trembled and asked in disbelief, “Su Yusen? How is that possible? He . . . Didn’t he die long ago?”

“That’s right, he did indeed die. However, he died for your Nanfeng Family to see! Before my big brother faked his death, he already broke through to Second Level Crystal Formation Realm! It’s just that n.o.body knew about it! Now that over a decade has pa.s.sed, he already broke through to the Third Level Crystal Formation Realm. He went to kill Nanfeng Yi. Do you guys feel that he has any possibility of survival? Hahaha!” The more Su Yulin talked, he more pleased with himself he was, and he could not resist chortling.

When Nanfeng Ruoqing heard this kind of bad news, she staggered and nearly fell down, but was embraced by somebody.

“Careful, teacher, it still isn’t time to despair yet.” Ye Yuan gave Nanfeng Ruoqing a faint smile. He actually recovered already.

Finis.h.i.+ng, Ye Yuan looked at Su Yulin with a smile and said, “Since Family Head Su talked until you’re so happy, I’ll also disclose a revelation. At the Endless Forest, Su Yishan was indeed killed by me personally! I wonder if having heard this news, does Family Head Su still wish to let me leave?”

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

The God of Medicine, UMG, 绝世药神
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A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy. How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands!


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