Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 205: Fight for Myself!

Chapter 205: Fight for Myself!

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Su Yulin’s face suddenly changed. The pair of eyes looking at Ye Yuan seemed like they were about to spew fire.

Speculation was one thing, but Ye Yuan confessing with his own mouth was another.

Although all signs indicated that the possibility of Su Yishan returning alive was already very minute, as a father, he still hoped that his son could return safely.

Or perhaps the few of them really did not b.u.mp into Ye Yuan in the Endless Forest or were tangled with some demonic beasts?

But those fleeting words from Ye Yuan shattered that final trace of hope!

“No way? Turns out that the Su Family and Ye Family’s enmity has already reached such a degree! Then didn’t Su Yulin’s soliciting earlier become a joke?”

“Yeah! No wonder such an important occasion today, but Su Yulin did not bring along his son. Turns out that he was already killed by Ye Yuan!”

“Sigh, this Ye Yuan is still young and rash in the end! The Nanfeng Family is already finished. Ye Yuan admitting that he killed Su Yishan at this time, Su Yulin will likely pursue this to the ends of h.e.l.l! Even though the Ye Family temporarily took the upper-hand over here, when Su Yusen rushes over, all of them will probably still have to die!”

If it were earlier, everybody naturally would not say that. But the Su Family still had a Third Level Crystal Formation Realm Su Yusen!

Furthermore, Nanfeng Yi was clearly doomed. The Nanfeng Family can be considered to be thoroughly finished.

Ye Yuan coming out to provoke Su Yulin at this time was no different from seeking death,

“Good! Excellent! Ye Yuan, I really underestimated you! For today’s important matter, I was originally prepared to put aside Su Yishan’s vengeance first. Now, since you admitted to it, then let’s fight it out to the death today!”

Anyone could tell the thunderous rage in Su Yulin’s words.

“Haha, looks like this spice of mine is a little intense. Family Head Su is somewhat bewildered already! However . . . you aren’t naïve enough to think that my father and I will really leave this place, right? I think you’re a little mistaken, my father and I standing here today are not to protect the sovereignty of the Imperial Family, but because of the irreconcilable feud of my Ye Family with your Wan Family and Su Family!”

Ye Yuan’s words grew increasingly icier as he spoke and actually made everyone feel a chill without being cold.

Curiously enough, he was clearly just a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, but the words spoken by Ye Yuan made everyone feel pressure.

Ye Yuan’s words, no matter how one heard it, seemed to be somewhat treasonous and outrageous, with a subtle tone of slighting the Imperial Family.

But when everyone thought of Ye Yuan’s sect core disciple ident.i.ty, they understood.

They originally thought that the Imperial Family and Ye Family were like ants on the same thread. Now, to them, the Ye Family were simply just fighting for themselves, and nothing to do with the Imperial Family.

“Preposterous! Your Ye Family members didn’t even lose a hair, but Su Yishan already died in your hands. And now, you’re talking big about some irreconcilable feud. Aren’t you afraid of other people’s ridicule?” Su Yulin said with a cold smile.

“I can stand here because I’m sufficiently powerful! Su Yishan dying in my hands is also him taking the road to ruin! Don’t tell me that you didn’t send people and Su Yishan together to kill me. It’s just that your son was useless and was killed by me instead! Also, Su Yubai, you ambus.h.i.+ng me, a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm with your half-step Crystal Formation Realm cultivation, has that old face of yours been eaten by dogs? Of course, this kind of things had no lack of your involvement, Wan Donghai, and your precious son, Wan Yuan. Back then, you set a trap for this Little Lord and nearly sent me to the netherworld! But you didn’t expect right that this Little Lord would profit from misfortune and have today instead! Hence . . . it’s time for us to settle this debt!” Ye Yuan detailed the crimes committed against him by the Wan and Su Families.

Wan Donghai’s face changed when he heard that. He only knew today that it was actually related to the poisoning previously that Ye Yuan could rise up so rapidly.

Although he did not know what transpired in between, without question, Ye Yuan obtained an extremely heaven-defying lucky chance!

In just a few short months, Ye Yuan actually grew to an extent where he could threaten Su Yubai already. Such a lucky encounter, just thinking about it made people jealous!

“No way, right? The Su Family and the Wan Family are too shameless. They actually used so many despicable and insidious means just to deal with a junior!”

“Heh heh, Pavilion Lord Ye’s character is without question. He would never do this sort of despicable and shameless things. But with Su Family and Wan Family’s style, these sort of things are of no concern at all.”

“I really did not expect that this Pill Grading a.s.sembly would actually evolve to such a situation. Initially, I thought that it would be the contention between the Su Family and Nanfeng Family, but in the end, it became Ye Yuan’s battle for vengeance.”

Although Ye Yuan’s words were said casually, those present were all old veterans. They knew deeply just how much danger and scheming Ye Yuan experienced behind the scenes.

If these methods were targeted at Ye Hang, it was still fine. But to use them to deal with a junior, it was seriously too shameless.

“Humph! Even with your blandishments, you can forget about leaving here alive today! Counting the time, it’s about there! You all just wait to die!” Su Yulin said with a cold snort.

As the leader of the rebels, Su Yulin obviously not would acknowledge Ye Yuan’s words. However, he also knew that the more he tried to deny it, the worse it would seem. Therefore, he just lightly skated over it.

History had always been written by the victor. As long as he secured the throne, he could naturally whitewash everything, sweeping away today’s events under the rug!

However, Ye Yuan revealed a mocking smile on his face, making Su Yulin feel very displeased.

“Yeah, counting the time, it’s almost ready! It’s just I wonder who will the one arriving?” Ye Yuan said with a beam.

. . . . . .

Slightly earlier, on the path linking the capital and the Dragon Mountain, a group of people was currently rus.h.i.+ng towards the Dragon Mountain with hasty footsteps.

In a center was a sedan chair with a yellow roof, carried by eight Essence Qi Realm martial artists.

“Your Majesty, Dragon Mountain is right ahead!” A general-looking martial artist said to the sedan.

“En, got it.” Nanfeng Yi inside the sedan said nonchalantly.

“Ah! What happened? This . . . This . . .” That general suddenly cried out and started stammering.

Pulling aside the sedan’s curtain, Nanfeng Yi walked out from the sedan, only to see the corpse-strewn land; these were Great Qin Dragon Guard corpses!

Nanfeng Yi knitted his brows, and his facial expression did not look too good. Those familiar with him knew that he must be in deep pain currently.

These Great Qin Dragon Guards were nurtured by Nanfeng Yi after expending immeasurable effort. But now, they were completely annihilated. How could this not make his heart ache?

“Who’s there? Protect his majesty!” the general bellowed.

An elderly man came from the front with both hands behind his back, looking very composed.

When Nanfeng Yi saw the arrival, his brows furrowed together again. He stretched his hand out to stop his subordinates” actions.

“You are not his match. Everyone, leave. Don’t cast away your lives,” Nanfeng Yi instructed.

“No way! Your subordinate will protect Your Majesty to the death!” The general refused to leave no matter what.

Nanfeng Yi grabbed hold of his collar with one hand and threw backward. That general flew out several hundred feet.

“All get lost for me!” Nanfeng Yi said angrily.

After his subordinates all left, Nanfeng Yi recovered his calm expression and said, “Didn’t expect it to be you!”

“Didn’t think that you’re still a kind ruler. I thought that you would use your subordinates’ lives to exchange for a chance to escape!” the old man said with a faint smile.

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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