Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 207: Looks Can’t Kill People

Chapter 207: Looks Can’t Kill People

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“Is there a mistake? His Majesty actually paid such great respect to Ye Yuan! Even though Ye Yuan is a monstrous existence, he’s only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm after all. Just what did he do?”

“In our State of Qin, Third Level Crystal Formation Realm is an invincible existence! What kind of trump card does Ye Yuan have to actually bring His Majesty back safely? More importantly, His Majesty returned, but Su Yusen? That’s a Third Level Crystal Formation Realm. He couldn’t have . . .”

“I really don’t dare to imagine just what kind of existence can kill a Third Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist! Even if Ye Yuan had a Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist on his side, Su Yusen could at least run away if he can’t beat him, right? Unless . . .”

Unless . . .

These people already dare not to picture it.

To not even give a Third Level Crystal Formation Realm any chance to escape, what kind of existence was needed for that?

But if there was such an existence over on Ye Yuan’s side, he completely did not need to fight so laboriously!

The more they thought about it, the more they could not understand . . .

But one thing was clear, they certainly could not treat Ye Yuan as a child anymore. He was already lording over everyone here!

You got to be kidding. Even Nanfeng Yi gave him a solemn salute and called him as Little Brother Ye respectfully. If they still treated Ye Yuan like a child, then it was simply forgetting to bring their brain along when they left the house.

“Your Majesty, addressing my son like that is killing him!” Ye Hang was speechless.

Nanfeng Yi called Ye Yuan as Little Brother. Then what would he call him?

Nanfeng Yi hooted and said, “To each his own! With Little Brother Ye’s talent, we’ll definitely have to call him Your Excellency in the future.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “It’s good that Your Majesty is okay. Since Your Majesty came, isn’t it time for us to find the Su and Wan Family to settle the accounts?”

Nanfeng Yi nodded and said, “Yes! The past dozen years, I’ve been really aggrieved as the emperor. Today, having obtained Little Brother Ye’s help, we should really find them to settle this debt!”

He surveyed the surroundings and said authoritatively, “I know that many among you went over to the Su Family. It’s fine! As long as you all draw a clear line with the Su Family today, past matters will be written off! If there are any stubborn fools, their entire clan will be put to death! Absolutely zero tolerance!”

Ye Yuan looked at Nanfeng Yi’s back view and silently praised in his heart.

As the emperor, Nanfeng Yi was somewhat soft, but he was not a soft persimmon. His weakness was only relative to the Su Family. Now that the Su Family forced him to an impa.s.se, he finally decided not to run away.

This move was rather brilliant. Stick plus carrot, Nanfeng Yi was well-versed in the emperor’s path.

The forces present were not solitary without anyone. This sort of matter like exterminating the whole clan was no joke. It was not even sparing fowls and dogs!

Regardless of which influence they were from, they would measure the weight of these words.

Of course, it was also the Ye father and son who created such an atmosphere. Otherwise, him saying something like this would be a joke.

“Everyone, don’t believe Nanfeng Yi’s bulls.h.i.+t! He is delaying things under a pretext! After this matter is over, there will definitely be a reckoning! We still don’t know who will emerge victorious for today’s affair!”

“Su Yulin, you aren’t still hoping for Su Yusen to appear, right? Since I showed up here, you should also have guessed his outcome,” Nanfeng Yi said with a sneer.

Recalling that attack from Yuan Fei, Nanfeng Yi was still filled with trepidation right now!

Too strong!

The Third Level Crystal Formation Realm Su Yusen actually exploded in one punch by Yuan Fei!

Back then, his eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popped out. Yuan Fei’s realm was similar to Su Yusen’s. How could he possibly unleash such a shocking attack?

When he saw those Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes, he suddenly understood some things.

Those Tier 2 Long-arm Stone Apes’ actions were rather profound. It actually secretly incorporated an array dao.

Nanfeng Yi did not know array dao, but he simply could not think of just what kind of array formation could let an early-stage Tier 3 demonic beast possess such a powerful attack!

Su Yulin’s heart plummeted. An incomparably humiliated feeling surged.

Things already progressed until now and Nanfeng Yi’s side did not even lose a hair.

But over at his side? His son was killed by Ye Yuan. Second Brother had an arm chopped off by Ye Yuan. Big Brother’s life and death were unknown; although looking at the present situation, he was most probably dead.

The most hateful thing was that big brother Su Yusen’s death also seemed to have deep connections with Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan! All Ye Yuan!

Su Yulin looked at Ye Yuan without concealing his killing intent. Ye Hang involuntarily went on alert when he saw the situation.

“Family Head Su, don’t look at me with this sort of expression, I’m scared. However, looks can’t kill people. Want to kill me? Make a move!” Ye Yuan put up a frightened appearance, but his words were filled with ridicule.

Su Yulin could not hold back his rage anymore. “Courting death!”


Su Yulin and Ye Hang fought once again!

At the same time, Huyan Yong and Nanfeng Yi also made a move! Three mighty Crystal Formation Realm martial artists dealing with Su Yulin alone at the same time!

Wan Donghai wanted to come over to help but was intercepted by Nanfeng Lou.

A great battle erupted between the Crystal Formation Realm martial artists once more! Except that this time, the situation turned around. Ye Hang’s side occupied a huge advantage!

Among the crowd, there was Su Yubai and Ye Yuan left all of a sudden!

Ye Yuan stared at Su Yubai and said with a grin, “Elder Su, they’re so busy. Let’s not idle either, okay? What I’ve said before, I need to fulfill them eventually so that I can clear my thoughts!”

Su Yubai’s face turned green. He lost an arm and was heavily wounded by Huyan Yong. He was simply unable to utilize much strength at the moment.

Although he also consumed healing medicinal pills, how could his medicinal pills compare to Ye Yuan’s?

The current Ye Yuan already had his injuries healed 70% – 80%, while Su Yubai’s injuries definitely would not recover without ten days to half a month.

Ye Yuan did not wait for Su Yubai’s acknowledgment. The Canghua sword already swung out!

“Essence Energy Ignition! Nine Swords Stance!”

Nine streaks of sword beams flew out chaotically without any patterns!

Su Yubai’s pupils constricted. This move again!

Su Yubai wanted to display the Tranquil Soul Step to avoid this attack, but his current strength was not even 50% of his heyday. He simply could not display the Tranquil Soul Step!

“All stop for me!”

Right then, an aged voice sounded. At the same time, several beams of light flashed past, directly eradicating Ye Yuan’s nine streaks of sword light!

An elderly person stood in midair. With another wave of his sleeves, he swept Ye Hang and the other two to one side.

An immensely powerful aura spread out, making all those present felt suffocated!

“Flying through the air! Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse!” Ye Hang, together with Nanfeng Yi, and the rest were all greatly alarmed.

From the situation earlier, this Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse evidently leaned towards Su Yulin’s side. This was not some good news for them!

Ye Yuan was not surprised by this person’s appearance. On the contrary, it would be abnormal if he did not show up all along!

“Elder Yao, your elderly self is already so advanced in age. Looks like you still can’t stay still!” Ye Yuan looked at Yao Qian in midair and jeered with sarcastic remarks.

When Ye Yuan said that, Ye Hang and the others were all taken by surprise.

His guts are a little too big, to actually dare goad a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse!

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