Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 208: Killing to His Face!

Chapter 208: Killing to His Face!

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To people in the secular world, Sea Transformation Realm powerhouses were G.o.dlike existences.

Because in the mortal nations, unless one had a heaven-defying lucky encounter, it would be impossible to break through to the Sea Transformation Realm.

Back then, it was because Black Crow Old Man accidentally acquired the Black Crow Yin Fire that he finally broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm. However, this was just an example. There were too few, too few.

And now, Ye Yuan actually spoke this way to a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse. This was seriously not giving up until he shocked people to death with words!

Yao Qian shot Ye Yuan a cold glance, then floated down from the air.

When he saw that sword in Ye Yuan’s hand, his gaze involuntarily froze.

“Canghua Sword has already been lost for a hundred years. Why is it in your hands?”

“Hehe, I’m a disciple from the Dan Wu Academy. Why do you think it’s in my hands?”

Yao Qian contemplated for a moment and thought of a certain possibility. He asked in amazement, “Can it be that you obtained it on the Nine Heavens Road?”

Ye Yuan smiled but did not say anything. He had sworn a Heavenly Dao Oath, so he obviously would not answer Yao Qian’s question.

Yao Qian’s face turned ugly. If Ye Yuan had really gotten the Canghua Sword on the Nine Heavens Road, then things were not going to be easy to handle!

Lu Yan went missing for a hundred years. He actually came to the State of Qin’s Nine Heavens Road to take up the role of guardian! The even more dreadful thing was that he actually pa.s.sed the Canghua Sword to Ye Yuan!

Ever since the founding of the Tranquil Cloud Sect, there was no small number who made it past the Nine Heavens Road. But there were overwhelmingly few people who could obtain the guardian’s inheritance.

Ye Yuan acquiring the Canghua Sword represented Lu Yan’s recognition!

n.o.body knew about Ye Yuan’s performance in the Nine Heavens Road. But Lu Yan’s approval was stark clear for everyone to see!

Lu Yan had already gone missing for a hundred years. There was basically n.o.body who would care whether or not a dead person approved of Ye Yuan.

But Lu Yan had another ident.i.ty, which was the present Martial Hall’s Hall Head, Xiao Jian’s master!

This layer of relation was already not known among the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s younger generation. But Yao Qian and Xiao Jian were from the same era. Of course, he knew!

If Xiao Jian knew that Ye Yuan possessed the Canghua Sword, he would definitely pay special regard to him!

Martial Hall Hall Head, even Ouyang Ming could not afford to provoke him, let alone him, Yao Qian.

Thinking of this, Yao Qian no longer bothered with Ye Yuan. Instead, he opened his mouth to say, “This seat is the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Pill Hall Elder, Yao Qian. I’ll be a mediator today and hope to bury the hatchet between the Nanfeng Family and Su Family. I wonder what everyone’s opinion is?”

“This . . .” When Nanfeng Yi heard Yao Qian’s words, he revealed a difficult expression.

“What? Don’t tell me that this seat’s words are ineffective?” Yao Qian’s face fell as he looked displeased.

Everyone’s heart jolted as they hurriedly said, “Dare not!”

“Good that you dare not! While the sect doesn’t bother with secular affairs, we also don’t hope for this sort of fratricidal strife to happen. You all are the elites in the secular world, so you should unite your efforts to work together for the sect. How can you do this sort of self-crippling thing?” Yao Qian said coldly.

Even though he knew that Yao Qian had the intention of vindicating the Su Family, Nanfeng Yi could not do anything about it even if he had all kinds of unwillingness in his heart.

Putting aside Yao Qian’s exalted ident.i.ty, just based on his Sea Transformation Realm strength, it was also plentiful to wipe out all the people present. What could he do?

Nanfeng Yi also guessed that Yao Qian definitely had deep ties with Ouyang Ming, which was why he would help the Su Family out. What he had always been wary of was this. To think that it became a reality after all.

This time, not killing the snake after beating it, it would cause no end of trouble in the future!

Nanfeng Yi gritted his teeth and was about to answer when Ye Yuan beat him to it. He secretly felt that things were not good, but was already too late to stop it.

“Elder Yao is really eloquent! Hiding your selfish motives under the righteous cause of the sect. Do you feel that everyone is blind or deaf?” Ye Yuan said with a sneer.

Yao Qian snorted coldly when he heard that and said, “You, Junior, are exceedingly rude! Do you think that I really can’t do anything to you? You stole the sect’s pill formulas and leaked them out to the secular world. Do you believe that I’ll put you to death right now?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Alright then! Quickly put me to death, Elder Yao! Father, after I’m dead, bring the Canghua Sword to the Tranquil Cloud Sect and let the lords of the sect judge who is right or wrong. I believe that there are reasonable places in this world!”

“You!” Yao Qian nearly choked to death.

He could kill Ye Yuan, but he could not kill Ye Hang and Nanfeng Yi too. If he really did that, it would cause the sect’s prestige to plummet drastically in the secular world. He would not be able to shoulder this.

And as long as the Canghua Sword showed up at the sect, Xiao Jian would surely ask about it. If he knew that he killed his master’s last successor, how could Xiao Jian let him off?

When he saw the Canghua Sword earlier, he was just surprised for a moment and asked casually. But to think that this brat is so astute to immediately know that the Canghua Sword was extraordinary.

Ye Yuan’s face turned icy and said, “The secular world has secular world rules! The Su Family went against their superiors and plotted to rebel. If even such an offense can be wiped clean off the slate, who would even dare to sit in the position of an emperor?”

“Humph! Does this elder still need you to teach me how to do things?” Yao Qian said with a cold smile.

“Elder Yao is mistaken. I’m not teaching you how to do things, but I’m just stating something to you. The Wan Family father and son and the Su Family brothers are dead for sure! Even if the f*cking Jade Emperor descended today, he also can’t save the Wan Family father and son and the Su Family brothers!” Ye Yuan said icily.

Once these words came out, the crowd burst into an uproar.

A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm saying such words in front of a Sea Transformation Realm, wasn’t this a joke?

Of course, if they were to know that Ye Yuan killed a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse before, they most likely would not think that way.

Ye Hang and Nanfeng Yi sucked in a cold breath. Ye Yuan actually treated a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse anyway he pleased!

Ye Hang opened his mouth wanting to say something but finally did not speak.

Rather, it was Nanfeng Yi who could not resist speaking up. “Little Brother Ye, Elder Yao is a high sect elder, a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse. Don’t be ras.h.!.+”

Ye Yuan ignored him.

“Haha! Ignorant child! I want to see just how you’ll kill them in front of this elder! If you can harm even a hair on their bodies, this seat will immediately dust myself and leave!”

Yao Qian felt that this had to be the funniest joke he had ever heard in his life.

“Fine, you were the one who said it. Then prepare to get lost! Nine Swords Stance!”

Ye Yuan unleashed his attack once more. The target was straight at Su Yubai!

“Humph! This move again? Although this move isn’t bad, your strength too poor!” Yao Qian said with a cold smile.

Only to see him casually wave his hand and the nine streaks of sword light were instantly extinguished.

Everyone could not help sucking in a cold breath when they saw this scene. This was the might of a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse!

But a tragic cry suddenly sounded before the crowd’s shock had pa.s.sed. They followed the sound only to see a large hole exposed in front of Su Yubai’s chest with blood cascading down without stop!

The light in Su Yubai’s eyes vanished swiftly. Even till death, he did not dare to believe everything that happened before his eyes.

He was actually killed under a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse’s protection!

Everyone suddenly looked towards Su Yubai’s back. Ye Yuan stood proudly while wielding his sword.

Yao Qian’s expression suddenly changed. He lightly smacked a palm towards ‘Ye Yuan.’ The latter’s body was exterminated without the slightest bit of resistance.

“Avatar body! I truly underestimated you!” Yao Qian said while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in hatred.

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

The God of Medicine, UMG, 绝世药神
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A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy. How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands!


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