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Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2364 – Super Large-Scale True Nirvana Sword Formation!

Chapter 2364: Super Large-Scale True Nirvana Sword Formation!

Inside the cage, there were sword images covering the sky.

Waves of Sword Dao source aura made the expressions of the 17 children become extremely solemn.

Just this line-up made people almost want to collapse.

Suddenly, Yu Tanzhi smiled strangely and said, “Huhu, summoning so many swords out, bluffing people? Rank two sword source is very scary! But … your Sword Dao law advanced, will it break the balance of the sword formation?”

The moment these words came out, the eyes of Pang Zhen and the rest lit up!

Definitely, with so many swords, the balance of Ye Yuan’s True Nirvana Sword Formation would surely be broken.

Just like Wan Zhen’s Five Element Laws, once there was one kind that broke through, it would affect the balance of the entire five elements, and the power would be much lower than before instead.

With Ye Yuan summoning so many words, it looked intimidating, but actually, the power might not be stronger than before.

Without the augmentation of the sword formation, could Ye Yuan still deal with 17 people?

One had to know, it was not that there were none who reached rank two source among the 17 children. Pang Zhen reached rank two lightning source!

Just relying on a Sword Dao that did not have structure, it was impossible to win all of the 17 children.

“Hahaha, almost got hoodwinked by you, this punk! Isn’t it just second firmament sword source? My lightning source won’t lose to you either! Let alone that there are still so many people!” Pang Zhen said with a big laugh.

“It’s still Yu Tanzhi who is impressive, seeing through this kid at a glance.” The others could not help but exclaim.

They were really intimidated by Ye Yuan’s formation momentum earlier, scared out of their wits.

These flying swords that covered the sky were seriously frightening.

Now, hearing Yu Tanzhi’s reminder, only then did everyone suddenly realize that this guy was merely a paper tiger!

Pang Zhen’s mind also shook, and he said in a clear voice, “Don’t get bluffed by this kid! Everyone, bring out your true ability! This time, we must annihilate this punk!”

As he said, he reached his hand out. a lightning source aura that was not inferior to Ye Yuan’s surged once more.

Electric snakes danced wildly, spreading inside the entire cage.

In terms of momentum, it was actually not the least bit inferior to Ye Yuan!

This time, the power of lightning source was even stronger than before.

Only then did everyone come to realize the truth, turns out that this guy still had a card up his sleeves.

However, who did not hold back some skills?

How could they, these people, really exert their best effort, and not leave any room for maneuver for themselves?

There was an even more horrifying great battle later!

However, Ye Yuan’s heaven-defying talent made these unpredictable children finally become serious too.

“Eternal d.a.m.nation!”

“True Martial Heavenly Blade!”

“Eight Desolates True Saint Spear!”

… …

One terrifying power of source after another superimposed together, and actually completely overshadowed Ye Yuan’s limelight all at once.

This time, the 17 children were really going all out.

Inside the cage, terrifying pressure spread everywhere. They were several times more terrifying than before!

“It’s over this time! It’s really over! In the end, he isn’t the 17 children’s match either!”

“What a shame! However, even though Ye Yuan died a glorious death, he indeed has the capital to challenge 17 children!”

“Too self-d.a.m.ning! If not for provoking 17 children, he could have definitely entered the top ten. Now, it’s good. He can’t even enter the top ten now.”

… …

A wave of lamenting came from the various major cities.

Ye Yuan’s heaven-defying talent indeed made everyone sigh with amazement.

It was just that sadly, he did not know life from death, choosing to deal with 17 people with his power alone.

While at this time, the Ye Yuan who had been silent all along suddenly smiled brightly and said, “Are you all misunderstanding something? When did I say that I only broke through in Sword Dao?”

One sentence made the faces of the unpredictable children who were currently casting spells change wildly.

Only to see Ye Yuan slowly raise both hands, nonchalantly saying, “Formation, arise!”

All of a sudden, the originally disorderly and unsystematic flying swords became orderly and traceable.

Formation Dao source, rank two!

With this, the million unpredictable children in the Primeval War Realm exploded once more.

“Mad! Really insane! Sword Dao and Formation Dao both breaking through, is he still a human?”

“Monster! Freak! Brute! How can there be such a person in this world? How to make us live if it is like this?”

“The power of source, the further up, the harder it is to comprehend. He actually comprehended two great source laws at the same time, I … I might as well find a piece of tofu to commit suicide with!”

… …

Envy, jealousy, hatred!

All kinds of emotions spread among the million unpredictable children.

Who were they?

They were all one-in-a-million peerless geniuses, prodigious martial artists that everyone admired.

But, they all, these so-called geniuses, were simply worthless in front of Ye Yuan!

Nothing at all!

You were talented, but could you be like him, comprehending the power of source like drinking and eating?

You were gifted, but could you be like him, contending against 17 children with the cultivation realm of Fifth Firmament Heavenly Emperor?

They could not!

This kind of person simply made people despair.

Above the void, the group of progenitors was shocked!

“How can this kid be so monstrous?”

“Sword Dao law and Formation Dao law are both powerful laws second only to supreme laws! Being able to comprehend a single rank two source is already extremely hard to come by. He actually broke through both at the same time!”

“Too frightening! Could it be that he’s really going to challenge 17 people by himself?”

… …

Heavenly Emperor Profound Secrets laughed loudly without ceasing and said, “Haha, this boy always surprises people! Lightning, now, do you still feel that Pang Zhen can get first place?”

Ancestor Lightning’s expression became extremely ugly.

Ye Yuan’s talent greatly exceeded his imagination.

Seen before freaks, never seen before such a freakish one.

Facing Heavenly Emperor Profound Secrets’ mockery, he could only choose to keep quiet.

But he secretly prayed in his heart, praying that Ye Yuan’s Sword Dao and Formation Dao were incompatible.

That way, there was still a glimmer of hope for the 17 children!

Of course, if they were compatible …

As if specifically in order to slap faces, right at this time, Ye Yuan’s super large-scale True Nirvana Sword Formation, formed!

“Come on. Let me see if the 17 of you guys are as formidable as the legends say!” Ye Yuan said in a clear voice.

He just broke through recently. His entire person’s essence, energy, and spirit were all at their peak states, his confidence overflowing.

Although his opponents brought out their strongest strength this time, he was not the least bit afraid.

Pang Zhen gritted his teeth and said, “Everyone, attack together! Don’t give him any chances!”

The group of unpredictable children also knew that it was impossible to hold back anymore. Each and every one of them pushed their momentum to the maximum.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Inside the cage, heaven-shaking-like explosion sounds emitted.

That horrifying pressure was practically about to break the cage.

But, amidst the endless laws, only to see countless flying swords shuttling back and forth indeterminately.

That defense was even more secure than the cage!

The entire realm was shocked!

At this moment, they truly witnessed what was called impregnable!

With 17 children attacking in full force, how astonis.h.i.+ng was the momentum?

But Ye Yuan just stood proudly. No matter how the storm raged violently outside, he stood unmoving!

Rank two sword source coupled with rank two Formation Dao source, plus s.p.a.cetime law, this set of super large-scale sword formation was simply an impregnable fortress.

Furthermore, the over 100 thousand swords that Ye Yuan summoned were all heavenly emperor spirit treasures!

This kind of power was simply unimaginable.

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

The God of Medicine, UMG, 绝世药神
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A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy. How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands!


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