Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2430 – : Battling Daymeld Again!

Chapter 2430: Battling Daymeld Again!

“Satisfying! Satisfying! Hahaha … Saint Azure deserves to be Saint Azure. This battle is really fought invigoratingly and free from inhibitions!”

When Profound Secrets heard the news of the big victory at the front, he laughed loudly without ceasing.

Nothing was more uplifting than this news.

The divine race suddenly launched a decisive battle. Each and every one of them, these big shots were still very worried.

Although the coalition forces’ numbers were high, Profound Secrets was clear in his heart that they were all a bunch of paper paste.

But he did not expect that Ye Yuan actually overcame the raging tides with his power alone, making use of Eight Void Mountain’s grand array to kill the divine race until they were completely routed.

However, this was only the beginning. The battlefield report of the victory at the front flew over like snowflakes.

After the myriad races coalition force crushed the divine race army, they followed up the victory with hot pursuit, sweeping across the land of Western Realms!

At present, the coalition forces already fought to the vicinity of the Abyss Suppressing Eight Realms, almost going to send the divine race back to the abyss!

This kind of result was what all of the big shots completely did not expect previously.

The current coalition forces were completely crazy from fighting, winning battle after battle.

But by the side, Shang Hang had tears flowing down his old face as he said, “If Lord Saint Azure could have stayed in the last epoch back then, how great would it have been? Many of us, these old fellows, would have been able to survive.”

Profound Secrets smiled and said, “If Lord Saint Azure could have stayed in the last epoch, maybe it wouldn’t have anything to do with you all anymore! Everything is long already destined. Why does Senior bear it in mind?”

Shang Hang nodded and said, “Yeah! If we give Lord Saint Azure the time to grow up, with his talent, fusing several kinds of top laws, who can be his match? Sigh, it’s just a shame, Lin Wushuang that old thing is completely dead now!”

Everyone was silent when they heard it. He also felt that it was somewhat vapid and said again with a smile, “Oh, right, calculating it now, Lord Saint Azure shouldn’t be far from breaking through to Deva Realm, right?”

Profound Secrets was taken aback and said with a nod, “With his talent, it should be about time. It’s just that … with the strength of his power of laws, the Deva blight tribulation will likely … be quite terrifying!”

With him saying so, everyone’s expressions became solemn again.

Shang Hang frowned and said, “This old man had a hairsbreadth escape when transcending the Deva blight tribulation back then! After transcending the tribulation, I was weak for a full 3000 years before recovering! Lord Saint Azure already fused time, s.p.a.ce, and sword, three great laws. His combat power is even strong until it makes people feel chills. The power of the blight tribulation will likely be ten times, even a hundred times of this old man’s!”

Silence again!

Since time immemorial, how many major powers died before the blight tribulation.

Even a powerhouse like Shang Hang had a close shave too and almost did not pull through.

The stronger one’s strength was, the more terrifying the blight tribulation.

Hence, they all knew that Ye Yuan’s blight tribulation would be terrifying to the extreme.

This was the enormous gulf that blocked in front of Ye Yuan!

Fighting with people, Ye Yuan could mow down all resistance.

Then, if fighting with the heaven?

… …

“Your Excellency, I see that your cultivation realm is getting looser and looser these days. It’s clearly almost time to break through! We can’t chase anymore, otherwise, once the Deva blight tribulation arrives, it will be dangerous!” On the battlefield, Wan Zhen urged.

Ever since Eight Void Mountain’s battle, nearly a year had pa.s.sed.

In this one year, the unpredictable army experienced countless major and minor battles.

Under the fierce fighting, Ye Yuan’s comprehension became increasingly deeper, and he already had an idea in his heart with regards to the next realm.

Right now, Ye Yuan’s realm was very volatile. Clearly, he was about to break through soon.

Logically speaking, Ye Yuan should find a place to go into closed-seclusion at this time and face the life-and-death great tribulation.

Deva blight tribulation was also called life-and-death great tribulation.

Because the Heavenly Emperor powerhouses that fell at this step were really far too many!

Wan Zhen and Pang Zhen already urged Ye Yuan many times, but Ye Yuan refused to listen and clung obstinately to his own course.

After a year, the unpredictable army already grew into an invincible army. Their combat effectiveness and fighting will were terrifyingly strong.

Along with the pa.s.sage of time, there were more and more unpredictable children in this army who already broke through to Deva Realm.

Currently, this army was also not the least bit timid when facing off against middle-stage Nine-marks powerhouses.

Therefore, when the current unpredictable army encountered the divine race, it was virtually advancing unreasonably all the way, mowing down all resistance.

When the divine race army saw the unpredictable army, they did not dare to confront head-on at all and would turn tail and run at the fastest speed.

“We have been chasing Daymeld for more than half a month. This time, we finally managed to corner him. We can’t give up halfway. Once this guy runs back to the abyss, it will be difficult to want to kill him again,” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

The moment Wan Zhen heard this, he became anxious and said, “Daymeld is nothing compared to you! Your safety is the human race’s greatest affair!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Huhu, it won’t get in the way!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan took the lead and flew away.

Wan Zhen and Pang Zhen exchanged a glance, both revealing a hint of worry.

They could feel that Ye Yuan’s breakthrough was around the corner.

If he were to break through to Deva blight tribulation in the midst of battle, wouldn’t this be seeking death?

Heaven rewarded the faithful. The unpredictable army finally cut Daymeld off this time!

Daymeld suffered serious wounds in Eight Void Mountain’s grand array. Furthermore, fleeing all the way, his injuries showed signs of even worse deterioration.

After all, under the power of rules, injuries were not that easy to get better.

If not for Daymeld’s strength being powerful, he would have long died ten times over.

However, Daymeld was very cunning too. Along the way, his escape route was very strange. Ye Yuan they all pursued many times, but he slipped away.

“Daymeld, we meet again!” Ye Yuan looked at Daymeld and said coldly.

Daymeld’s expression was very ugly and he said in a deep voice, “You brat, really lingering on relentlessly!”

His current combat power was at most equal to peak initial-stage Nine-marks. Furthermore, it was unable to last long.

Being blocked by Ye Yuan was a very dangerous thing.

Ye Yuan said with a cold snort, “How many human powerhouses’ lives have your hands been stained with? Letting you leave, I’ll find it hard to rest easy!”

Daymeld smiled coldly and said, “Just a bunch of ants. If killed, then they are killed! Do you think that with the likes of you, you can hold me? Eh, you’re about to break through? Hahaha … brat, you really don’t know life from death! With your talent, the Deva blight tribulation must be extremely terrifying, right? You don’t find a place to go into closed-seclusion now, but come hunt me down, really courting death!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Yeah, I’m still a hair’s breadth away from breaking through! Finding you can just nice help me to break through the bottleneck!”

Daymeld laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Hahaha, my pleasure! Brat, I’ll lend you a helping hand!”

Ye Yuan said, “Leave Daymeld to me. I’ll leave the others to you. You don’t have to say anything now. I’ve decided!”

Wan Zhen still wanted to say something but was stopped by Ye Yuan sternly.

This remnant division that Daymeld brought still had many powerhouses and needed Wan Zhen they all to deal with.

Battle cries shook the sky. The two armies clashed together.

While in the army, Ye Yuan and Daymeld faced each other from afar.

Daymeld laughed hard and said, “Brat, you’re really too proud. Proud until you think nothing of Heavenly Dao! Today, I’ll send you off, let you die at your own hands! Heavenly Dao True Martial, Unparalleled Iron Arms, Shrinking Earth into an Inch, activated!”

This was his second Heavenly Dao True Martial!


Daymeld threw a punch out, carrying the might of Heavenly Dao True Martial, terrifying to the extreme.

“Sword, come!’ Ye Yuan reached his hand out and beckoned. The Sword of s.p.a.cetime was already in his hand.

The great battle was at an explosive point!

Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2430 – : Battling Daymeld Again!

Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2430 – : Battling Daymeld Again!