Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2436 – Receive a Sword From Me!

Chapter 2436: Receive a Sword From Me!

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“Heavenspan Mountain phantom! When we corroborated our Dao, such a terrifying scene had never appeared before too!” Ancestor Water said in shock.

“What in the world did he do, to actually resonate with the Heavenspan World?! Triggering heaven and earth Great Dao, making spiritual energy resuscitate, this kind of means is simply inconceivable!” Ancestor Wind also said in shock.

These Dao Ancestors revealed greedy looks in their eyes one by one.

To them, there was already nothing that could move them.

Only improving a step further could move them!

They had already attained the power of rules for ten billion years. No matter how hard they worked, they were unable to break the shackles too.

Regarding this point, they were well aware in their hearts.

But they saw hope in Ye Yuan!

Dao Ancestor Life’s gaze was deep as he continued, “Originally, I didn’t put my attention on Ye Yuan either. But ever since he returned with the name of Saint Azure, I have a feeling of suddenly seeing the light. His talent is too monstrous! Monstrous to the degree that it makes even us, these Dao Ancestors, daunted at the sight of him! Who can imagine that he created an eternal n.o.ble exploit with his power alone, grooming 18 grand ancestors?! Who could have thought that he mopped up and quelled more than ten Sentry Celestial Palaces with his power alone?! Who could have thought that he could kill Deva Realm powerhouses effortlessly with the realm of Heavenly Emperor! Just based on the power of laws that he comprehended? Impossible!”

“Back then, I was in the same period as the 18 grand ancestors. When they were at Ye Yuan this realm, even by relying on the power of rules, it’s also impossible to have such horrifying combat power! Then just what is it that he relies on? Only when I placed my attention on Saint Azure and studied his growth along the way did it make me extremely shocked! his growth trajectory is too terrifying!”

“Hiss …”

Hearing Dao Ancestor Life talking tirelessly, the group of Dao Ancestors could not help drawing cold breaths.

Ye Yuan’s growth experiences were simply a monstrous legend!

A b.u.mpkin who ascended from a small world, rising all the way from Jewelhill City, blooming lotuses at every step, and climbing to the summit!

At present, he was also merely a step away from the true summit of the world!

And he merely used 3000 over years to achieve this.

This was a legend!

Even if they were Dao Ancestors above all life, they also paled in comparison in front of Ye Yuan’s legendary rise.

What was even more terrifying was that their legends were actually created by Ye Yuan!

After pausing for a bit, Lin Chaotian continued, saying, “Therefore, as long as we obtain the secret on him, what does a mere Tian Qing count for?”

The few Dao Ancestors felt as if their blood was boiling over.

… …

When Lin Huan appeared in front of everyone, it immediately caused an uproar.

“Lord Lin Huan came! He’s a Deva Fifth Blight powerhouse! See if that kid still dares to be arrogant!”

“Humph! Our Origin Enlighten Bodhidharma is a Dao Ancestor’s bodhidharma, the foundation incomparably thick. How could it be a brat who just entered Deva Realm’s turn to be arrogant?”

“So what if Saint Azure? In front of Dao Ancestor Life, he still has to lower his head!”

… …

Lin Huan’s appearance made Lin Lang and the others immediately feel much more confident.

As a Deva Fifth Blight supreme powerhouse, Lin Huan’s status was not what Lin Lang and the others could compare to.

If Lin Lang was a rising star of the Lin Family, then Lin Huan was a pillar of the Lin Family!

Even if it was the bodhidharma that Lin Chaotian established, Deva Fifth Blights were absolutely not cabbages too.

Deva Fifth Blight, those were existences who could suppress the destiny of a region!

Lin Huan clasped his hands slightly at Ye Yuan and said, “Lin Lang was insensible and affronted Saint Azure. I hope that Saint Azure forgives his offenses.”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “No need. I’ve already taught him a lesson on Lin Chaotian’s behalf.”

The muscles on Lin Huan’s face twitched slightly and he forced a smile as he said, “Logically speaking, with Saint Azure’s status, you can enter Origin Enlighten Mountain Range. It’s just that now, Your Excellency’s actions have tarnished the name of Saint Azure. You’re a sinner! Therefore, if you want to enter Origin Enlighten Mountain Range, Saint Azure must experience the Three Calamities and Nine Tribulations like ordinary people, before you have the qualifications to enter our Origin Enlighten Mountain Range.”

As he said, Lin Huan pointed at a place in the mountain, and said, “That place is the entrance, Lord Saint Azure, please!”

Lin Huan’s words were much warmer than Lin Lang’s, but the mocking in his words was not the slightest bit less.

In the end, Origin Enlighten Bodhidharma was taking Ye Yuan down a notch!

Actually, Ye Yuan’s matter currently did not have a final verdict. Even if he was guilty, it was also not Lin Huan’s turn to come and speak.

It was just that this was a world where the strong reigned supreme in the end. Lin Huan said this with the honor of a Deva Fifth Blight, he reckoned that Ye Yuan did not have any temper too.

Lin Lang being hit by Ye Yuan, it was just that his cultivation was lacking, that was all.

Hence, that was why Lin Chaotian sent Lin Huan out.

Suppressing Ye Yuan with the prestige of Deva Fifth Blight!

At this time, everyone was waiting to see Ye Yuan make a fool of himself.

Lin Lang and the rest were even more proud of themselves, mocking expressions on their faces.

While many people observing secretly sighed slightly.

So what if Saint Azure?

Strength lacking, it was the outcome of being trampled on by people in the end!

Unexpectedly, Ye Yuan did not look towards that place at all, he just said coolly, “Who the h.e.l.l are you, to dare point fingers and order this saint? Is your Lin Family all so senseless?”

Lin Huan did not get angry but smiled instead, and looked at Ye Yuan contemptuously and said, “Why? Saint Azure did it, so I can’t say it? Or is it that Lord Saint Azure also wants to discipline me?”

Lin Huan’s words were said with backbone.

He was certain that Ye Yuan could not do anything to him.

Ye Yuan did not get angry either, and retorted with a question, “Lin Chaotian invited me here to confront face to face, to make a final decision whether my t.i.tle of Saint Azure is to be retained or not. Do you have the right to speak?”

Lin Huan’s expression turned stiff and he said in a solemn voice, “I don’t! But so what? Can you shut the mouths of everyone in the world?”

Ye Yuan sneered and said, “Whether this Saint betrayed the human race has yet to be determined, what qualifications do you have to pa.s.s wind here? You dare to say so, it’s simply that you think that you’re Deva Fifth Blight, and this Saint can’t do anything to you! Okay, this Saint just entered Deva, if you can receive a sword from this Saint head-on and not get injured, so what if this Saint goes and challenges the Three Calamities and Nine Tribulations?”

The moment these words came out, the entire mountain was shocked!

He was actually going to challenge Deva Fifth Blight!

“Hiss … is he crazy? No matter how formidable Saint Azure is, it’s also impossible to hurt a Deva Fifth Blight!”

“Is this Saint Azure’s pride? It’s just that this pride looks like foolishness!”

“Heh, doesn’t Ye Yuan know that Dao Ancestor Life this lineage cultivates wood-attribute cultivation methods, their lifeforce power incomparably thick?! It’s simply impossible for him to want to hurt Lin Huan!”

… …

Everyone expressed confusion and ridicule at Ye Yuan’s action of inviting humiliation.

This sort of arrogance without the slightest backing was simply laughable.

Everyone knew that Ye Yuan was very strong, it was just that no matter how strong, there was a limit too.

Deva Fifth Blight, one blight one firmament.

The gap between each realm could not be measured with distance.

This sort of gap could not be made up for by relying on talent.

Ye Yuan could instantly kill Lin Lang, being heaven-defying, but he absolutely could not hurt Lin Huan.

Otherwise, this Heavenspan World’s sovereign would also be too laughable.

Even Heavenly Emperor Profound Secrets’s expression changed too and he said, “Lord Saint Azure, you can’t do it! You wait outside. I’ll go and find Lin Chaotian!”

Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2436 – Receive a Sword From Me!

Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2436 – Receive a Sword From Me!