Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 568 – Meet Again in the Next Level

Chapter 568: Meet Again in the Next Level

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The 70% strength that Kuai Liang talked about was naturally not referring to his cultivation, but the concept strength at the same realm.

Which was also to say that originally, Kuai Liang comprehended 100% of the concepts. But at the fourth level, he only used these concepts’ 30%.

Even 30% was stronger than the vast majority of the martial artists that came to challenge the rounds.

With 70% strength, even if it was just First Level Soul Sea, it was not what a martial artist like Liu Hong could resist. Let alone that there were still several martial artists at the same boundary adding on with an array formation.

Liu Hong and Qin Yan they all may well be facing numerous difficulties to want to pa.s.s through this fifth level.

“Senior doesn’t have to be courteous. Just bring it on!”

Ye Yuan fully released his aura. The surroundings faintly had a red glow revolving around, but condensed and did not dissipate. This was precisely the mark of the Scorching True Intent showing outside.

Seeing this scene, Kuai Liang’s expression was slightly apprehensive as he said, “Essence energy is converting to become Scorching True Intent. To actually be able to achieve condensing and not dissipating, looks like your control over essence energy has already reached an extremely profound boundary! Even my original body is incapable of achieving your level! Young man, you’ve really brought us too many surprises!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Just displaying my slight skill before an expert. Senior’s strength should greatly surpa.s.s mine. If not for adhering to the rules, killing me is probably just a matter of a twinkle.”

Kuai Liang waved his hands and said, “That’s different. Me being stronger than you is just in terms of realm. Your concepts comprehension and control over essence energy are much stronger than mine! I truly dare not imagine that you’re only 17 years old!”

“Huhu, Senior is too kind. Ye Yuan is making a move!”

“Come on!”

Ye Yuan’s fist momentum erupted abruptly, his entire person entering a frenzied state. It could be said that each fist landed solidly on the flesh, suppressing the array formation formed by these illusionary spirits.

These illusionary spirits were all First Level Soul Sea boundary. Ye Yuan, a Fourth Level Sea Transformation, actually suppressed so many people!

Seeing this scene, the three people by the sides were dumbstruck.

They never would have thought that just around ten days or so of not meeting, Ye Yuan was actually formidable to such a level already!

“I originally thought that I had considerable gains myself in this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da and should have shrunk the distance between Ye Yuan by a little. Never expected that . . . the gap between us is becoming greater and greater!” Qin Yan said with a bitter smile.

“He . . . This set of fist arts of his seems to have Scorching True Intent! My G.o.d! This level of true intent, Ye Yuan actually fully comprehended it!” Guo Taoqun’s jaws nearly fell off from shock.

Yin Yanhua’s expression was grave as she said with a nod, “It’s indeed the Scorching True Intent! Being so far away, the essence energy within my body actually feels discomfort! Ye Yuan’s current strength is seriously too terrifying! The three of us most likely can’t even exchange a single blow with him!”

“No wonder that mysterious person said that Ye Yuan was different from us. Looks like his harvests in the earlier few rounds was far more than we imagined!” Qin Yan said.

“What’s laughable was that I still thought that Ye Yuan tripped and stumbled previously. Thinking about it now, he was long not on the same level as us!” Guo Taoqun said speechlessly.

“Yeah. Disregarding other things, just this combat strength of his right now is likely plenty to overpower Third Level Soul Seas! Crossing boundaries to fight to his sort of degree is also considered a wonder,” Qin Yan said helplessly.

. . . . . .

Inside the array formation, Ye Yuan was akin to entering an uninhabited zone. Places where his fists pa.s.sed by, those illusionary spirits all clamored to evade.

But one could tell that this group of people’s cooperation had a very tacit understanding. Furthermore, their fighting experience was very abundant.

Under Kuai Liang’s guidance, they did not clash head-on with Ye Yuan at all.

With their present strength, they simply had no way of counter-pressuring Ye Yuan. They could only drag the time patiently with Ye Yuan, looking for the opportunity.

And the primary target of Ye Yuan’s attacks was placed on Kuai Liang. He was the core of this array formation, guiding the cooperation of the entire array formation and acting as a middleman, being highly important.

But Kuai Liang was very smart. He lay low within the array formation all along and did not come into direct contact with Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s fists were always blocked by the combined power of the array formation.

This set of array formation could not be said to not be strong. A bunch of First Level Soul Seas teaming up together virtually had the strength of a peak Third Level Soul Sea already.

But even so, they were still domineeringly suppressed by Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan suddenly beamed and said, “Senior, do you think that by hiding for a moment, you can still hide for life?”

Kuai Liang was concealed within the array formation as he called out in a clear voice, “If you have the capabilities, then drag me out!”

“Haha! Senior, look closely!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly shot out but did not rush for Kuai Liang.


Another illusionary spirit was sent flying out. But his position immediately had people covering. That illusionary spirit was fine and returned to the array formation again very quickly. This was the formidable aspect of array formations.

“Huhu, young man, it’s useless!” Kuai Liang said with a laugh when he saw this scene.

“Is that so?” Ye Yuan gave a faint smile. His figure moved, but he rushed towards another person.


That person was blasted flying out too.




For a time, there were people blasted flying out without pause.

In the beginning, Kuai Liang still did not take it seriously. But very soon, he discovered something amiss. The entire array formation seemed to have a feeling of sluggishness and was not operating as smoothly as before.

But by the time he came around, it was already too late!

How could Ye Yuan possibly give him the opportunity?

Kuai Liang’s eyes blurred. Ye Yuan actually appeared before him from G.o.d knows when.

“Heh heh, apologies, Senior! Let’s meet again at the next level!”


Ye Yuan did not pull his punches in the slightest. He mustered essence energy fully and gathered it onto his fist, then blasted Kuai Liang into residue with one punch.

In terms of combat power alone, none of these illusionary spirits was Ye Yuan’s match. As long as Ye Yuan grabbed hold of a weakness, wanting to kill them was not something difficult.

The core of this set of array formation was at Kuai Liang’s place. The most vulnerable link was here too!

Even though Ye Yuan had never seen before this array formation, his Formations Path attainments were exceptionally high.

Those fights previously, Ye Yuan was not las.h.i.+ng out blindly like a headless fly, but he as actually feeling out this array formation’s method to crack it.

But sadly, how could Kuai Liang know. Not only was Ye Yuan’s combat strength astonis.h.i.+ng, but he was also even a Level Nine Formations Path expert!

Although this set of array formation was profound, as long as Ye Yuan worked hard to find the flaw, how could Kuai Liang conceal it?

He only practiced this set of array formation to the point he became proficient in it. But he did not understand the principle of the array formation after all.

Unless they could finish off Ye Yuan very quickly, otherwise, the final outcome could only be having the formation cracked by Ye Yuan, then routed each of them one by one.

Once Kuai Liang died, the entire array formation clearly became too weak to withstand a single blow.

Ye Yuan followed suit, killing these illusionary spirits one by one, and perfectly clearing the fifth level very quickly!

Qin Yan and the others were long already staring wide-eyed and their jaws slack!

What kind of situation was this?

Them attempting to challenge this level was by breaching the constraints of the array formation at all costs and rus.h.i.+ng towards the next level’s entrance.

But Ye Yuan?

Not only did he crack the array formation, he even killed all of the illusionary spirits!

One had to know that these illusionary spirits, each one of them in terms of strength alone was not beneath theirs!

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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