Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 569 – Who’s Bullying Who?

Chapter 569: Who’s Bullying Who?

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“Everyone, I’m making a move first,” Ye Yuan greeted the Qin Yan trio and directly entered the sixth level.

Qin Yan and the others exchanged glances and already did not know what they should say.

At this time, the illusionary spirits that were already ‘killed’ by Ye Yuan emerged once more one by one.

“Do you guys still plan on challenging the round? Seems like . . . we don’t have any hope at all!” Qin Yan said rather dispiritedly.

Guo Taoqun gritted his teeth and side, “Already came here. We can’t retreat without fighting! I’ll go first!”

As he said those words, Guo Taoqun entered inside the array formation with a leap.

. . . . . .

“Ye Yuan he really entered the sixth level! He has produced the best result in this one thousand years!”

“After entering the fourth level, his speed became fast instead! The fourth level only used 15 minutes to clear it. This fifth level is also merely just using the lesser part of a day’s time. Truly inconceivable!”

“Wonder just where this fellow’s limits lie! I don’t know if he can clear the sixth level or not. If he can even make it past the sixth level, then he’ll be the fifth martial artist who charges into the seventh level in this ten thousand years! Such monstrousness simply surpa.s.ses ancient and modern times!”

“This . . . isn’t very likely, right? I heard that this sixth level’s guardian’s strength is even a cut above the challenger’s own strength. Adding the supplementation of the array formation, it’s simply impossible to make it through!”

“Who knows . . . Ignoring the differences in strength, just talking about what happened inside this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da, how many miracles has Ye Yuan created already?”

The other person did not reply.

Yeah. Just within this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da, how many turning points had Ye Yuan already created?

The first three levels cleared perfectly, obtaining three times the inheritance time of others.

Other people all got increasingly slower as they challenged the rounds. But after Ye Yuan entered the fourth level, his speed became faster instead. Consecutively clearing two levels actually only used half a day’s time.

Who could ascertain that Ye Yuan definitely could not clear the sixth level?

Liu Hong stared at that gold-colored name blankly. The sense of defeat in his heart was incomparably intense.

He originally thought that he was the most talented youngster in this Endless World. Who knew that there were people beyond people. This Ye Yuan’s talent flung him more than several streets behind!

What was laughable was that he still prided himself on being exceptional previously, and he even shrugged off that mysterious person’s words.

Ye Yuan’s performance in this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da was much more dazzling than his.

Forget about the third level, even in the first level, Liu Hong did not dare to remain behind to kill off all the demonic beasts!

And at this time, each step that Ye Yuan advanced trampled on his self-esteem once.

Soon . . . it was going to be crushed.

. . . . . .

At the sixth level, Kuai Liang was already waiting in full battle formation.

“Young man, what’s your name called? This seat is called Kuai Liang. You just call me Elder Brother Kuai will do.”

This was Kuai Liang’s first time telling Ye Yuan his own name.

In this ten thousand years, he had just spoken to a scanty few people before.

But Ye Yuan was clearly the one that he spoke the most to.

“Junior Ye Yuan has seen Elder Brother Kuai!” Ye Yuan reported his family name.

Kuai Liang nodded and said, “Ye Yuan, you’re very decent! This sixth level, it’s already been a thousand years since anybody entered. Even if this ten thousand years, not many people could barge into the sixth level too. Furthermore, perfectly clearing these first five levels is just you alone!”

“Oh? But previously, someone made it to the eighth level, right? Could it be that he didn’t clear perfectly?” Ye Yuan asked rather curiously.

That person called Li Fantian walked even further than Lu Linfeng. Logically speaking, he should be a world-shaking figure.

Such a genius should logically have the possibility of completing each level perfectly.

But it was only to see Kuai Liang shook his head and said, “He did indeed achieve Perfect Completion in the first four levels. But he fell short of success at the fifth level. Hence, your talent is still above his!”

Successfully clearing and perfectly clearing, the difficulty was not even on the same level. The fifth level’s degree of difficulty was indeed not an ordinary kind of great.

If Ye Yuan did not comprehend a number of true intents, wanting to perfectly clear this round was likely not that easy as well.

Ye Yuan nodded his head, but he said with a forced smile, “But Elder Brother Kuai, isn’t it somewhat high-handed for you guys to guard this level with the strength of Fourth Level Soul Sea Realm?”

Kuai Liang laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Your true combat power can’t be measured using realms at all. The hurdles that the Vast Heaven PaG.o.da set up are used to test the martial artist’s potential. You are able to clear the round perfectly at the fifth level and kill our First Level Soul Sea doppelgangers. The might of your combat strength is thus obvious. Furthermore, I have a feeling that you didn’t go all out when you were at the fifth level!”

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “Fine then. In a while, Elder Brother Kuai have to show leniency!”

“Heh heh, showing leniency can’t be done! The stronger you are, the more we can’t pull our punches! This time, we’re going to unleash 100% of your concepts’ strength!” Kuai Liang said with a laugh.

“Tsk tsk, how ruthless! Since Elder Brother Kuai regards me so highly, then I naturally also have to strive with all my might this time! But before this, can Elder Brother Kuai allow me to break through realm first?” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

Kuai Liang was startled. “Oh? You’re going to break through again so quickly? Fine. What’s the harm in letting you break through?”

Ye Yuan said with clasped hands, “Thank you very much, Elder Brother Kuai!”

Ye Yuan did not talk nonsense either, directly ama.s.sing immense heaven and earth essence energy, and started to break through to the Fifth Level Sea Transformation!

. . . . . .

Roughly two hours later, the storm ceased. Ye Yuan’s aura rose by a level once more, and finally broke through to the Fifth Level Sea Transformation!

“Elder Brother Kuai, thanks for waiting!” Ye Yuan said with clasped hands.

Kuai Liang looked at Ye Yuan, his gaze revealed astonishment. “You, a puny little Sea Transformation Realm, actually have such impact when breaking through a minor boundary! If not for witnessing with my own eyes, I even thought that you were a.s.saulting the Soul Sea Realm!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “I’ve incurred Elder Brother Kuai’s ridicule. The cultivation method that I cultivate in is rather special. The essence energy required is very ma.s.sive. So the commotion when breaking through is a bit big.”

It was more than just a bit big. It was very huge, alright?

Kuai Liang nodded and said, “You strength is so formidable; the cultivation method that you cultivate naturally can’t be too lousy. Looks like your inheritance isn’t simple. It probably isn’t what this small world can have!”

Ye Yuan smiled. He knew that this could not hide from Kuai Liang’s eyes either, and he could only change the topic. “Elder Brother Kuai, let’s begin!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan leaped and was about to land inside the array formation.

At the same time, the essence fire within Ye Yuan’s body erupted abruptly. During the process of him leaping, the aura in his body erupted once more, and his boundary soared up mightily.

By the time he landed inside the array formation, he already directly broke through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation!

Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!

Following Ye Yuan’s boundary slowly advancing, the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was already unable to sustain him breaking through three minor boundaries. Even breaking through to late-stage Sea Transformation this time was quite forceful.

Fortunately, the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was very powerful among Tier 4 essence fires. Only then, did it forcibly support his breakthrough.

When Kuai Liang saw this scene, his eyes became wide-saucers, “Fine lad. To actually still have this card up your sleeves! This martial technique is remarkably powerful! To actually directly aid you to break through to the late-stage Sea Transformation! I originally thought that I could bully you properly this time. Now, why do I feel like it’s still you bullying me?”

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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