Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 570 – Two Great Concepts of Fire

Chapter 570: Two Great Concepts of Fire

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“Haha! Elder Brother Kuai, I’m coming!” Ye Yuan said with a loud laugh.

“Bring it on!”

Facing Ye Yuan bearing down menacingly, Kuai Liang awaited in full battle array.

Presently, Ye Yuan broke through to the late-stage Sea Transformation Realm. His strength soared fiercely once more!

Flame Movement Carnage was brandished; it was on a completely different level than before.

Kuai Liang these people used all of their power. Their concepts were clearly all true intent level and above.

But Ye Yuan’s Scorching True Intent overwhelmingly crushed them!

Flame Movement Carnage was just created, and its power was already not worse off compared to the Nine Swords Stance and Thousand Flowing Petals, these martial techniques. It could be imagined how formidable the might of Scorching True Intent was!

Even in terms of instantaneous explosive power, Flame Movement Carnage was even stronger than the move Ye Yuan created using supreme true intent.

What was even deadlier was that Ye Yuan’s control over essence energy was very precise. One should not look at how each punch of his seemed to use all the strength in his body, it actually did not expend much essence energy.

With his present essence energy density, even if he fought non-stop for a day and a night, he would not exhaust all the essence energy within his body at all.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations could sustain for such a long time.

For a time, the situation inside the array formation was actually the same as in the fifth level; Kuai Liang’s side was completely suppressed by Ye Yuan.

“Heh heh, Elder Brother Kuai, this array formation of yours is already useless against me. If you don’t wish to lose, quickly think of a way,” Ye Yuan said to Kuai Liang as he punched out.

Kuai Liang was also someone who was a veteran of a hundred battles. Looking at Ye Yuan’s performance in the fifth level, he knew that the array formation was already useless.


After a violent collision, Kuai Liang and Ye Yuan both separated.

“Ye Yuan, you’re indeed formidable! This array formation, we brothers practiced for a very long time before slowly understanding it well. You merely entered the array for half a day and actually already have a thorough understanding of the array formation!” Kuai Liang said with an emotional sigh.

Ye Yuan’s monstrousness totally exceeded his expectations. This boy seemed to have limitless means.

He had already guarded this pa.s.s here for G.o.d knows how many years and had yet to be suppressed to this extent by a junior.

Although he admired Ye Yuan’s talent, Kuai Liang still felt very aggrieved.

He was a powerhouse that controlled a region while he was still alive. Even if he became an illusionary spirit guarding this pa.s.s now, his pride still remained.

Being beaten by Ye Yuan for three consecutive rounds like this, it brought out his temper!

“However . . . we brothers are not easy to bully! What I want to tell you is that not using array formations can instead increase our combat strength even more! Brothers, go full power!”

Kuai Liang roared.

Each and every one of those illusionary spirits was like injected with stimulants, instantly erupting with a powerful aura!

Even though their boundaries were still Fourth Level Soul Sea, Ye Yuan suddenly felt that these illusionary spirits became somewhat different!

As if all of a sudden, these illusionary spirits became G.o.ds of war one by one, giving people a feeling of peerlessness.

“Hahaha! How many years has it been since this feeling of hot blood boiling! Thank you, Ye Yuan! If it wasn’t for you, we’d probably all remain as emotionless walking corpses!” Kuai Liang said with a loud laugh.

The Kuai Liang at this time was akin to a G.o.d of war; his eyes radiating a brilliant light as if two different persons from that previous lifelessness.

Seeing Kuai Liang br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fighting spirit, Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Looks like these few years, Elder Brother Kuai was shackled by the rules and became overly cautious and didn’t dare to act boldly! Since that’s the case, I’ll consult Elder Brother Kuai’s true strength then!”

“Good! Ye Yuan, I’ll put forth my best effort to defeat you! This round isn’t that easy to clear! Go!”

Under Kuai Liang’s command, those 30 over illusionary spirits rushed towards Ye Yuan without any pattern at all. It was entirely different from that strict order previously.

But Ye Yuan’s face became solemn. These people became completely different!

However, Ye Yuan naturally would not show weakness either. His figure moved, and he charged towards those illusionary spirits.

With his current late-stage Sea Transformation strength used in conjunction with the Scorching True Intent and Concept of Wind flow, it was not too difficult to contend with Fourth Level Soul Seas.

In an instant, Ye Yuan fell into these 30 over people’s encirclement.

Different from landing in the array formation prior to this, these illusionary spirits’ attacks were without any order to speak of. It was completely each fighting their own battles.

But not knowing why, these people’s combat power suddenly soared by a level!

Furthermore, even though they were each fighting separate battle, the cooperation between each other was extremely well-coordinated.

Frequently, as Ye Yuan’s fist was just thinking of hitting towards a person, he would suffer the pincer attacks of multiple people at the same time. Helpless, Ye Yuan could only give up the attack and switch to defense.

The teamwork between these people was absolutely not as simple as one plus one equals two!

Although there was no array formation’s augmentation, the pressure that Ye Yuan felt was much stronger than when they formed an array formation.

Ye Yuan crisscrossed among the illusionary spirits and displayed the Wind Flow True Intent to the limits. There was actually a feeling of beyond one’s power!

This made Ye Yuan very baffled.

Just what in the world happened to these people?

“Haha! Back then, we were all a mercenary team. Every fight was all acting in concert together. For close to a thousand years, we ourselves can’t remember clearly how many times we’ve fought together either! This sort of fighting instinct has long been a.s.similated into your blood already! Without the constraints of array formations, the teamwork between us will become even closer instead! Ye Yuan, if you can defeat us under this condition, you’ll have the qualifications to accept the challenge of the final three levels!” Kuai Liang said loudly.

Ye Yuan was enlightened in his heart when he heard that!

No wonder he had a feeling of being unable to carry out every time he attacked. Turns out that these people had long taken team fights as their own instincts.

The incomparable trust between each other. Even communicating with their eyes was not needed; it was simply accomplis.h.i.+ng things with a thought!

Fighting instinctively like this was undoubtedly extremely formidable.

“So that’s how it is! Elder Brother and everyone else are indeed very strong. Your trust between each other also makes Ye Yuan visibly moved. However . . . this seventh level, I must go!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan’s aura likewise erupted abruptly, soaring tremendously once more!

“Essence Energy Ignition! Flame Movement Carnage!”

Ye Yuan gave a roar. The essence energy within his body instantly ignited!

Instantaneously, Ye Yuan’s fist exploded with a dazzling red light. An appalling aura forced those illusionary spirits back!

Following that, Ye Yuan swung out a fist, smas.h.i.+ng it towards that group of illusionary spirits like a tempestuous storm!


The Transmission True Intent coupled with the Scorching True Intent, two types of true intents added together for the first time, making the power of Flame Movement Carnage soar explosively!

Even though what Ye Yuan was facing a group of Fourth Level Soul Sea experts, this punch still beat the opponent down to the mortal world like breaking a dead branch off a tree!

Those dozen over illusionary spirits at the forefront were practically obliterated by Ye Yuan at the first moment.

Those illusionary spirits at the back also received injuries to varying degrees!

However, Ye Yuan did not have the intent of stopping. A punch smashed over again, annihilating quite a few illusionary spirits once more.

Two punches down, only a scanty few illusionary spirits remained in good condition.

Seeing this scene, Kuai Liang’s complexion was white as a sheet . . .

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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