Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 572 – True Dragon’s Blood!

Chapter 572: True Dragon’s Blood!

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In the inheritance s.p.a.ce, Ye Yuan appeared, but his expression froze.

A black-clothed man was currently standing with his hands behind his back, and his back facing Ye Yuan.

“You’re very decent! In this recent ten thousand years, you’re the first young genius to perfectly clear the first six levels!”

This black-clothed person was clearly that mysterious person in the inheritance s.p.a.ce previously.

Regarding this mysterious person making an appearance in person, Ye Yuan was rather surprised.

He even thought that this person would be like before, remotely controlling here from some hidden place.

Looks like consecutively clearing the rounds perfectly twice had already made this black-clothed person have a completely new appraisal of him.

“So, you felt that I have the qualifications to let you show up and meet in person?” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile and was not very overwhelmed by the grace.

The black-clothed person was clearly quite surprised. This boy seemed to forever be this calm and collected. Nothing could visibly move him; he was completely not unlike a Lower Realm’s youth.

This boy actually even haggled with him previously, angering him plenty.

Now that he showed up in person to meet, this boy still had a punchable look. Really makes people displeased!

The black-clothed person did not speak. He just casually waved his hand. A small bottle appeared in Ye Yuan’s hand.

“This is the reward for your second Perfect Clear!” The black-clothed person said.

Ye Yuan checked his palm and could not help sizing up this small bottle.

Inside the bottle was stark empty and only had a drop of fresh blood!

This drop of blood was clearly not quite the same as ordinary blood. It was not bright red in color but revealed a golden color in the bright red.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan’s expression changed!

“This . . . Could this be . . . a divine beast blood essence?” Ye Yuan evidently recognized this item and said in amazement.

The black-clothed person turned around rather surprisedly. But his profile remained hidden in the black robes. Ye Yuan could not see at all.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan felt that this black-clothed person before his eyes had a quite unreal sensation; he was clearly standing in front of him, but seemed to be very distant away.

This made him slightly apprehensive in his heart. The black-clothed person’s strength was most likely not an ordinary kind of strong!

“You actually know about divine beast blood essence? Looks like your background isn’t normal!” said the black-clothed person in surprise.

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath and forcefully pressed down the shock in his heart and said, “You must be kidding, Senior. Within this fresh blood, it faintly exudes a golden-color. This is the hallmark of demonic beasts starting to evolve to become divine beasts!”

This second Perfect Clear’s reward was simply too generous!

Ye Yuan could not help quivering in his heart as well when he recognized this drop of blood essence.

What was the concept of a divine beast?

Every divine beast was all genuine Deity Realm powerhouses!

The so-called divine beasts under this stretch of heaven now were actually all rubbish.

At the very most, they could only be hailed as divine beast progenies.

True divine beasts no longer existed in this world.

Hence, how precious this drop of blood essence in Ye Yuan’s hands could not be imagined at all.

Ye Yuan knew that there were that few demonic beasts in the Divine Realm; their blood was this sort of color as well. However, those few demonic beasts were all the Divine Realm’s peak existences.

Among the human martial artists, only existences like the Ten Great Divine Kings could be on par with them!

Wanting to obtain their blood was simply nothing more than wishful thinking.

Ye Yuan never could have imagined that he could actually obtain a drop of blood like this inside this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da.

“Heh heh, you, this boy, are indeed interesting. To actually even know about this sort of thing! That’s right, this is a drop of true dragon’s blood. Since you know that this is a divine beast blood essence, about its usage you don’t need me to say any further, right?” the black-clothed person said smilingly.

The black-clothed person played it down, but Ye Yuan’s entire body trembled. His eyes revealed a look of disbelief as he said, “What did you say? This . . . This is a true dragon’s blood?”

This time, Ye Yuan was really astonished.

Although Deity Realm powerhouses were already gone like clouds dissipating, the footsteps of martial artists’ pursuit of the Deity Realm had never stopped. The legend of Deity Realm powerhouses also circulated on in the Divine Realm all along.

Divine beasts were undoubtedly extremely formidable existences. But among divine beasts there were distinction of superiority and inferiority too. The Four Great Divine Beasts were clearly the pinnacle-most existences among divine beasts.

Now, Ye Yuan actually obtained a drop of true dragon’s blood. Even if this drop of blood essence came from one that had yet to completely evolve to become a divine beast, it was still an extremely valuable item!

“Heh heh, brat, are you still going to say that the things which this Seat gives you are worthless now?” said the black-clothed person with some ridicule.

Ye Yuan was speechless. This fellow still remembered this matter until now!

This person’s strength was unfathomable. To think that he was actually so narrow-minded, involuntarily making Ye Yuan feel contempt in his heart.

But he gave away so many valuable things. Ye Yuan could not very well give him a blow. He just clasped his hands and said, “Many thanks for Senior’s gift!”

Ye Yuan was not some hillbilly who had not seen the world after all. After the shock, Ye Yuan adjusted his state of mind very quickly and recovered.

When the black-clothed person saw that Ye Yuan actually recovered back to normal so quickly, he was also rather surprised secretly.

Even a fellow who did not know about the goods also knew just how precious an item like true dragon’s blood was, let alone Ye Yuan who recognized it at a glance.

Facing such temptation, this fellow could actually remain so composed. This involuntarily made the black-clothed person’s appraisal of Ye Yuan rise up a level once again.

“No need to thank me. These are the rules that fellow set. Since you cleared perfectly the second time, this is the reward that you deserve. But I have to warn you, true dragon’s blood is abnormally tyrannical. Your current boundary is still too low. I advise that you better wait until after Divine Traversing Realm before taking it. Or else, if you explode from being loaded up by the true dragon’s blood, I’m not responsible!” the black-clothed person said.

True dragon’s blood was extremely tyrannical and violent. Ordinary martial artists were unable to harness it at all.

Even if ordinary martial artists obtained true dragon’s blood, they would not dare easily consume it either.

But Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Although taking the true dragon’s blood at the Divine Traversing Realm is safe, the benefits to me won’t be that great anymore. At present, my essence energy sea has just opened up not long ago. Consuming this true dragon’s blood is precisely the ideal period.”

When Ye Yuan knew that this was true dragon’s blood, he already made up his mind to immediately consume it!

Ye Yuan naturally knew the overbearingness of true dragon’s blood. But he also knew that his condition at the moment was precisely the ideal period for consuming the true dragon’s blood.

Sea Transformation Realm was a new beginning, and it was also the foundation of all the boundaries in the future.

The Four Great Divine Beasts were all the beloved of heaven and earth. True dragon’s blood had the powerful effect of remolding a martial artist’s bloodline. Not only could it let the martial artist increase their boundary within a short period of time, but also it could even let the martial artist’s affinity with heaven and earth essence energy rise multiple levels, greatly increasing the martial artist’s cultivation speed!

This, to martial artists, was simply a priceless treasure!

The black-clothed man snickered coldly when he heard that and said, “Brat, I admit that you’re extraordinarily talented. But don’t be arrogant and overweening too! Arrogant people never have any good endings! Even though you are aware of divine beast bloodlines, you’ve never experienced before how powerful divine beast bloodlines are, right? True dragon’s blood is an extremely powerful existence among divine beast bloodlines too. If you swallow it with your present boundary, you’ll die for sure!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Senior, since this true dragon’s blood is my reward, then I’m the one who makes the call, right?”

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