Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 574 – Slaying True Dragon Will!

Chapter 574: Slaying True Dragon Will!

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A million martial artists were just a small figure to the Endless World. But the influence of the ma.s.sacring of the cities’ occupants this time towards this war was ma.s.sive.

This was forcing all the Endless World’s martial artists to rise up in resistance: either you die or I peris.h.!.+

The Fierce Gale World’s way of doing things left everyone very perplexed.

“We planted quite a few hidden agents in the Southern Domain. Nearby the Endless Forest has a lot of hidden sentries too. Could it be that they did not detect anything in advance?” Ning Yixian said furiously.

Although both ends of the Endless Forest basically broke off contact, as the Alliance Chief, how could Ning Yixian possibly not think of ways to plant some informants in the Southern Domain?

If one was oblivious to the situation, this war did not need to be fought either.

That martial artist shook his head and said, “No news was sent back from the southern side. The hidden agents in the Endless Forest detected it. But the five great peak Sovereigns’ speed was too fast. They simply could not transmit the information in time.

Ning Yixian felt a headache. The three cities were just a small area of land to the Ning Yixian. But once this hole opened up, the Fierce Gale World could send in reinforcements endlessly through these three cities.

This realm war was also considered to have officially started!

“Huuuu . . . Old Hai, how do you view it?” Ning Yixian was also rather ruffled at this time and could only ask Qi Hai.

Qi Hai had his brows tightly locked all this while as well. Seeing Ning Yixian inquire, he waved his hand and said, “You lead the others back first. I’ll wait here for Ye Yuan and the other two to come out. Gauge out the intention of the other party ma.s.sacring the cities first before deciding again. Additionally, spread this information around the world. Let every martial artist in the Endless World all know that they already don’t have a way out! If it’s not the Fierce Gale World’s defeat, then it’s our own death!”

Qi Hai clearly could not figure out what the other party was playing at either. Ever since the realm pa.s.sageway linked together, the information that the Endless World knew about the Fierce Gale World was seriously too little. They were simply unable to have any effective response.

Ning Yixian heaved a sigh when he heard that and said, “There’s only this as well! Then I have to trouble Old Hai with Ye Yuan. I’ll bring them back right away!”

Qi Hai’s brows were tightly locked. He nodded his head but did not speak, lifting his head to look at that purple-gold name on the light screen.

Only after Ning Yixian brought everyone away, did Qi Hai look at Ye Yuan’s name and said with a long sigh, “Ye Yuan, you’re the Endless World’s final hope. Quickly get stronger!”

. . . . . .

Inside the inheritance s.p.a.ce, Ye Yuan’s breath became weaker and weaker.

The boundless energy contained in the true dragon’s blood looked to be loading him up until he was about to explode.

Right at this time, a majestic consciousness instantly intruded inside Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness and turned into an azure dragon’s appearance!

“Boy, you actually dare to refine this n.o.ble true dragon’s blood! Pay the price for your ignorance!”

The azure dragon was very haughty inside Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness.

At this time, although Ye Yuan was in unbearable pain, under Heart Like Still Water heart realm, he could still preserve his own consciousness.

“In front of this Young Master, you dare to call yourself n.o.ble?!” Ye Yuan said coldly.

“Hahaha! You are but a Sea Transformation Realm little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. To also dare be arrogant in front of our n.o.ble dragon race! Wait until I thoroughly obliterate your consciousness and turn you into a walking corpse. See what you still have to be arrogant in front of this dragon!” said the azure dragon with a roaring laugh.

“With the likes of you?” Ye Yuan said with a disdainful look.

“Humph! Ignorant child! Still being stubborn on your deathbed! Although this dragon is just a tiny bit of remnant consciousness, to deal with a Sea Transformation Realm brat like you, isn’t it still defeating you with ease? Watch closely, this dragon will completely wipe away your consciousness right now!”

Finished talking, the azure dragon gave a dragon roar, shocking until Ye Yuan’s consciousness nearly collapsed and almost dissipated.

“d.a.m.n it! Why isn’t there any activity from the golden characters yet? If this carries on, this lousy dragon is really going to disintegrate my consciousness!”

The will of an azure dragon was no joke. They were the proudest existence beneath this sky, and also the most overbearing existence.

Even just a tiny hint of remnant will was extremely proud and powerful too.

Ye Yuan waited without fear. What he relied on was naturally the golden characters in his sea of consciousness. But until now, they did not have any movements at all!

“d.a.m.n it! In the end, I still have to rely on myself! Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation, break for me!”

Ye Yuan’s condensed his own consciousness to become a sword, stabbing towards that azure dragon!

“Haha! Paltry tricks! Want to deal with this dragon with just the likes of this?”

The azure dragon extended a dragon claw, lightly grabbing towards that sword.

Yet, right at this time, the black bead within Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness suddenly quivered.

The next instant, that colossal azure dragon illusion seemed to be struck by lighting, actually unable to move his entire body. The dragon claw that he extended froze there too, unable to advance an inch!


The soul sword that Ye Yuan condensed penetrated through the azure dragon illusion just like this!

The confrontation between consciousnesses was the most perilous. Ye Yuan’s soul sword condensed all of his attainments on the divine soul. This attack was by no means insignificant!

“Argh! How can this dragon be killed by a Sea Transformation Realm brat? Impossible! Imposs . . .”

The azure dragon’s roars gradually became weaker, all the way until that phantom turned into nothing, and finally vanis.h.i.+ng.

“Huuuu . . .”

Ye Yuan let out a long breath, looking at that black bead in his sea of consciousness with an astonished gaze.

“Just what is this black bead’s origin? To actually be able to produce such power to restrain a true dragon’s will?”

If not for the black bead remedying the situation today, it was absolutely impossible for Ye Yuan to finish off the azure dragon with such ease.

This black bead was too mysterious. Also don’t know just what was its origins.

But through today’s matters, Ye Yuan could confirm that this black bead’s origin was absolutely extraordinary!

One had to know that a true dragon had one of the strongest types of will in this world. Even Ye Yuan did not dare say he had full confidence in dealing with it either.

But that black bead just quivered slightly and that azure dragon formed from that strand of will actually become incapable of moving.

At this moment, Ye Yuan discovered to his dismay that he had many staggering secrets on him; yet, he could not control even a single one of them.

“No time to think too much. Better absorb the true dragon’s blood fast!” Ye Yuan calmed his mind very quickly and absorbed the true dragon’s blood in full force.

Without the true dragon will’s guiding, this true dragon’s blood became much more obedient; it was not as tyrannical and brutal as before.

The powerful energy in the dragon blood continuously baptized Ye Yuan’s body, strengthening his essence energy.

Ye Yuan’s aura could be seen with the naked eye to be strengthening rapidly.

After half a day, Ye Yuan successfully broke through to the Sixth Level Sea Transformation!

“En? What’s going on? That boy . . . is actually breaking through?”

When the black-clothed person saw that Ye Yuan was already severely injured and on the verge of dying, he was disinclined to pay attention to him again any longer.

At this time, suddenly detecting somebody breaking through, he hurriedly paid close attention to Ye Yuan. With this look, he could not help jumping in fright.

The flesh and skin on Ye Yuan’s body covered in cracks not only recovered as good as new at this time, it even became bra.s.s colored, faintly exuding powerful strength!

Not only did Ye Yuan not show the slightest hint of being injured, but his aura also was terrifyingly powerful!

“He . . . Did he really succeed in refining the true dragon’s blood? This . . . How is this possible? True dragon will is abnormally ruthless and tyrannical. He’s only Sea Transformation Realm. How can he possibly beat the true dragon will?” This time, the black-clothed person was really stunned.

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