Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 575 – Half-Dragon Physique, Eighth Level Sea Transformation!

Chapter 575: Half-Dragon Physique, Eighth Level Sea Transformation!

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Ye Yuan’s aura rose without ceasing. After breaking through to the Sixth Level Sea Transformation, the momentum still did not reduce; instead, surging towards the Seventh Level Sea Transformation.

At the same time, Ye Yuan’s skeleton was also rattling. His body was still undergoing the dragon blood’s baptism!

When the black-clothed person saw this scene, he was truly astonished until he could not speak.

Ye Yuan was breaking through boundaries while tempering his physique on the side. What kind of freak was this fellow?

One had to know that although there was no true dragon will, tempering the physique was something extremely perilous. A single mishap and one would run amok.

Breaking through boundaries was likewise something which did not tolerate any hint of mistakes and was also exceptionally easy for the person to become deranged.

These two matters doing at the same time, the risk of running amok would increase tremendously.

But Ye Yuan this psycho was actually carrying it out in a systematic order!

Ye Yuan’s aura rose without stopping and arrived at the Seventh Level Sea Transformation’s boundary very soon.

This was the moment which was the most exhilarating for martial artists, but it was also the most dangerous moment.

The black-clothed person watched until his heart leaped to his throat!

How could he know that Ye Yuan under Heart Like Still Water Realm doing something like dual-tasking was not something that was hard?

The process of breaking through to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation was not as perilous as the black-clothed person imagined. It was completed easily like water flowing when a channel was formed.

Ye Yuan’s body at present already underwent a thorough remolding transformation. Breaking through was even less of a burden.

But the boundless energy contained within the dragon blood still did not end like this, all the way until Ye Yuan broke through to the Eighth Level Sea Transformation, did it finally stop.

When a brand new Ye Yuan appeared before the black-clothed person’s eyes, his entire person was in a complete daze.

“This boy . . . he really succeeded! His original talent was already very startling. Having experienced the dragon blood’s remolding at this time, it’s simply going to be heaven-defying!” The black-clothed person sucked in a cold breath.

Ye Yuan was very pleased with his current body. Even if he did not use essence energy, his entire body was filled with the feeling of strength too.

He had a feeling that even if he did not make use of essence energy, he could sweep away Sea Transformation Realm martial artists too!

“The power of dragon blood is indeed heaven-defying. My physical body actually became formidable to such a degree! A large quant.i.ty of true dragon aura is held within my essence energy right now. It can at least increase the power of my martial techniques by 30%! Furthermore, the power of the dragon blood did not dissipated but actually fused into my blood, creating a sort of bloodline. One could say that I’m currently already a Half-Dragon Physique!”

Ye Yuan examined his own body and was inexplicably thrilled too.

This true dragon’s blood was too terrifying. What it brought to him was simply a completely remolding transformation.

The original Ye Yuan with mediocre talent was now a genius in its true sense at present!

Ye Yuan felt like he had a sensation of teeming with power, and he could not refrain from lifting his head up and giving a long howl, unleas.h.i.+ng a punch abruptly!

“Flame Movement Carnage!”

Once the fiery-red fist shadow appeared, the entire s.p.a.ce seemed to be trembling. Intense trembling as well as detonation sounds emitted in the air.

“This boy!” The black-clothed person was also very alarmed when he saw this punch of Ye Yuan’s.

With Ye Yuan’s current strength, ordinary late-stage Soul Seas were completely not his match!

Breaking through boundaries, Ye Yuan current mood was excellent. He cupped his fists and said to the void, “Many thanks to Senior for gifting dragon blood! Ye Yuan is endlessly grateful!”

The black-clothed person could not help choking up. He previously swore that Ye Yuan was dead for sure. But now, not only was Ye Yuan standing in front of him perfectly well, his strength even soared by leaps and bounds.

At present, Ye Yuan gave thanks. Although there was no intention of mocking him, the black-clothed person’s face was burning hot.

The black-clothed person was embarra.s.sed to acknowledge this. He just casually waved his hand. The Vast Heaven Stele landed in the inheritance s.p.a.ce with a bang.

Ye Yuan saw that the black-clothed person did not seem to have the intention of opening his mouth, so he just smiled and walked towards the Vast Heaven Stele.

When Ye Yuan’s divine sense probed into the Vast Heaven Stele, he could not help being greatly taken aback.

“What I visualize is still the Scorching True Intent. Why would I come to a stretch of frozen and snow-covered land? Is there a mistake? No way, right? The Vast Heaven Stele can make mistakes too?” Ye Yuan said in surprise.

As far as the eye could see, it was entirely a vast expanse of whiteness; not a single c.r.a.p to do with fire at all.

Ye Yuan’s thinking was very simple. No matter how many true intents one comprehended, it was also not as practical as specializing in one true intent.

Rather than wasting time to visualize other true intents, might as well cultivate the Scorching True Intent to supreme level!

True intent to supreme true intent was a ma.s.sive chasm of difference. Crossing it would be a boundless plain. Unable to cross it and one could only fade into the crowd.

In the Divine Realm, one could not tell how many martial artists could grasp true intent; but it was far from what those at the Lower Realms could compare to.

Yet, those able to grasp supreme true intent were in the minority.

Ye Yuan had never been satisfied with grasping true intent. His goal was supreme true intent!

Only by grasping supreme true intent could he have the qualifications to contend with Ji Canglan, to have the capital to avenge his hatred.

Although the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Sword intent was powerful, it was still unable to defeat Ji Canglan. As the number one expert of the Medicine King Hall, how could Ji Canglan possibly not have supreme true intent?

Ji Canglan was indeed a rarely seen genius of the Martial Path. Even if his strength were inferior to the Ten Great Divine Kings, the disparity would not be too great either.

Wanting to surpa.s.s Ji Canglan, Ye Yuan needed to become even stronger!

Ye Yuan could roam unhindered in the Lower Realms, but he himself knew that after going to the Divine Realm, his advantage would not be that big anymore.

He could even disregard the immense disparity of a major boundary to cross boundaries and challenge others in the Endless World. But reaching the Divine Realm, even if he could cross boundaries to challenge, it was also impossible to ignore the gap between levels.

There were large numbers of martial artists in the Divine Realm who could grasp true intent. Among them, there was no lack of martial artists who grasped some extremely powerful true intents.

So much so that the Divine Realm’s young generation already comprehended the elementary form of supreme true intent at this current realm of his!

Compared to those people, Ye Yuan’s advantage was naturally all gone as well.

Therefore, right now, Ye Yuan could only become even stronger. Only then would he have the capital to gain a foothold when arriving at the Divine Realm!

But comprehending true intents simply had no way of letting him become stronger. Only supreme true intents could let him walk further.

With Ye Yuan’s talent, him casually comprehending multiple true intents in this Vast Heaven Stele was not an issue. But supreme true intent was different.

Comprehending true intent was with decades and centuries as a unit of measurement. And many Divine Kings in the Divine Realm only comprehended one supreme true intent throughout their lifetime. It could be seen how hard it was to comprehend supreme true intent.

Furthermore, the Scorching True Intent was even a kind that was extremely hard to comprehend among them. Even if Ye Yuan was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence, it was also impossible to succeed in comprehending entirely inside this Vast Heaven Stele within a short period of time.

But without any doubt, this Vast Heaven Stele could let his comprehension road shrink tremendously!

But what the h.e.l.l was this right now?

What Ye Yuan wanted to comprehend was the Scorching Supreme True Intent, not the Extreme Cold Supreme True Intent. Why would the Vast Heaven Stele send him to such an environment?

“But . . . what the h.e.l.l is this place? It’s really cold!”

In this s.p.a.ce, Ye Yuan’s consciousness was seemingly about to be frozen. This also involuntarily made him release the Scorching True Intent to resist this kind of extreme cold weather.

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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