Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 576 – Endless Benefits

Chapter 576: Endless Benefits

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Very soon, Ye Yuan discovered that his own essence energy expenditure speed was very rapid!

Even with Ye Yuan’s control over essence energy reaching a very subtle degree, he only persisted for half a day’s time before being completely frozen into a popsicle.

Extreme Cold Concept and Scorching Concept were two kinds of diametrically opposed concepts. Ye Yuan determined that this was not the Vast Heaven Stele’s blunder very soon, but it wanted him to temper his Scorching True Intent through this sort of method!

This degree of extreme cold, Ye Yuan was completely unable to comprehend.

Extreme Cold True Intent belonged to the ice-attribute true intent. And ice-attribute true intents belonged to an important branch of Concept of Water.

Ye Yuan had not even learned the rudiments of the Concept of Water, let alone say comprehending the Extreme Cold True Intent.

This was like a Soul Sea Realm martial artist telling an Essence Qi Realm martial artist how Soul Sea Realms cultivated; those at the Essence Qi Realm were simply unable to comprehend.

Hence, this way of tempering true intent was surely for the sake of the Scorching True Intent.

It was just that how to go and comprehend the Scorching Supreme True Intent, Ye Yuan did not have any clues at all.

However, he was not in a rush either. The Scorching Supreme True Intent was too hard to comprehend. He had never thought of accomplis.h.i.+ng it in one stroke.

Since the Vast Heaven Stele s.p.a.ce had a shortcut to walk, he actually saved a lot of time already.

If placed in the outside world, who knows how much time he had to spend before he could find a way to learn the basics.

Scorching True Intent to supreme true intent, the Scorching Supreme True Intent, there was a ma.s.sive ridge. Even the Spirit Bristle Divine King also spent several hundred years back then before succeeding in comprehending.

If Ye Yuan could comprehend successfully within a few days, then it would really be a joke.

To be able to achieve a position among the Ten Great Divine Kings, which one of them wasn’t somebody with unparalleled talent? Though Ye Yuan’s comprehension abilities were high, to talk about being hundreds, thousands of times greater than the Spirit Bristle Divine King, that was too exaggerated as well.

The black-clothed person stared at Ye Yuan from inside the void and muttered to himself, “This boy is indeed a self-aware person; he knows the logic of biting off more than one can chew. Looks like his horizons are much greater compared to the other Endless World martial artists! True intent is but the start of cultivation. What’s truly powerful is still supreme true intent! If this boy can comprehend the Scorching Supreme True Intent, then the next three rounds most likely won’t be able to stump him.”

The black-clothed person thought about it, and he could not help laughing in spite of himself and said, “I’m really muddled up by this punk. The Scorching Supreme True Intent is one of the pinnacle few kinds of supreme true intents. Even if his talent is monstrous, without a hundred, eighty years, one can also forget about having some accomplishments. Right now, inside the inheritance s.p.a.ce, the time flow is 30 to 1. The second Perfect Clear has a reward of six days, which is also to say that he only has 180 day’s time. 180 days to comprehend the Scorching Supreme True Intent isn’t even enough to fill the gaps between one’s teeth, right?”

A hundred, eighty years to have some accomplishments, this was already a tremendously high appraisal of Ye Yuan.

One had to know that for a Divine King powerhouse in the Divine Realm, if he could comprehend the Scorching Supreme True Intent during his lifetime, his strength would be an immensely powerful existence among Divine Kings.

Ye Yuan being able to have some accomplishments in eighty to a hundred years, such an appraisal could not be said to not be high.

180 days in comparison to a hundred, eighty years, was truly just a twinkle. Even wanting to cross the threshold was very challenging.

. . . . . .

Time flew by quickly in the inheritance s.p.a.ce for Ye Yuan. In the outside world, only a few short days had pa.s.sed.

As expected, Qin Yan and Yin Yanhua were both killed in the fifth level by the Illusionary Spirits Killing Array and kicked out of the Vast Heaven PaG.o.da.

When they heard that Ye Yuan cleared the first six levels perfectly, each one of them was shocked until they could not close their mouths.

Apart from the two of them, Qi Hai even let Liu Hong and Guo Taoqun stay.

These four strongest people of the junior generation were all now beside Qi Hai.

“The four of you, just cultivate in seclusion here. I’ll safeguard you guys. You all should have much comprehension and benefits in the Vast Heaven PaG.o.da. Entering seclusion at this time is the most optimum period. The outside world’s matters naturally have those Divine Traversing Realm experts to go and worry over. Having the few of you more to join them won’t have much impact,” Qi Hai said to the four people.

“Yes, Old Hai.” The four people acknowledged in unison.

“Old Hai, did you keep us behind for the sake of cultivation?” Guo Taoqun plucked up his courage and asked weakly.

Although they were the strongest ones among the junior generation, in front of Qi Hai, they were still out-and-out juniors.

This Old Hai before their eyes was a legendary-cla.s.s expert; he was an existence even more powerful than their old ancestors.

Qi Hai said coolly, “It’s naturally not just for cultivation. I kept you guys behind in order to wait for Ye Yuan to come out.”

Qi Hai did not hide it either, directly saying out his true intentions.

“Wait for Ye Yuan?” Liu Hong was a bit stunned.

Guo Taoqun and the others were not surprised at all. They had clearly expected it to some extent long ago.

Actually, Liu Hong was still extremely dejected in his heart right now. Although he achieved the goal of shocking everyone with one move this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da trip this time, he never would have thought that an existence a hundred times, a thousand times more monstrous than him would actually emerge too.

Under Ye Yuan’s halo, his sense of existence was weakened to the extreme.

This kind of psychological depression, he could not talk to others either. He could only be depressed by himself secretly.

In the end, he was held back by Qi Hai and was even chuckling to himself for a bit secretly, thinking that he was going to get Old Hai’s heavy grooming.

Who knew that he would hear Qi Hai say so right now, that he only let the few of them stayed behind for the sake of Ye Yuan.

This made the little bit of hope that just sprung up for him be extinguished again mercilessly.

Qi Hai was shrewd and experienced with age. How could he not perceive Liu Hong’s emotions?

But he just treated as if he did not see and said coolly, “Ye Yuan’s gains in this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da trip this time is definitely more than what we imagine. After he comes out this time, he’ll become the indisputable leader of your junior generation! I believe that in the near future, he might become the entire Endless World’s young people’s idol! This point, you all need to have a clear understanding yourselves. I know that the four of you are all proud individuals and arrogant at heart. But in front of Ye Yuan, you guys don’t have the capital to be arrogant in the least bit! Do you understand?”

The Qin Yan trio all nodded their heads slightly when they heard that. They had long already accepted this fact.

Ye Yuan’s rising speed was seriously too fast. They could not catch up even by whipping their horses.

The martial artist world had always been a world which talked using strength. Ye Yuan already used his strength to utterly conquer these so-called strongest people in the junior generation.

Especially when they saw that scene of Ye Yuan killing the illusionary spirits in the fifth level. It simply made them unable to give rise to the desire to chase after.

Yet, before entering the Vast Heaven PaG.o.da, Liu Hong had not heard of Ye Yuan before at all. This made him feel in his heart some difficulties to adapt to things.

Qi Hai’s words were actually primarily said for him to hear.


Qi Hai frowned slightly. Liu Hong involuntarily shuddered and hurriedly said, “Old Hai, Liu Hong understands!”

Qi Hai nodded his head and continued, “The purpose of me making you guys stay behind is very simple. The realm war has already started in full-scale now. From now onwards, the four of you have to keep on following by Ye Yuan’s side, and listen to his instructions! You don’t need to look at me with those eyes. I’m not asking you guys to break away from your own sects, but I am taking into consideration for the sake of your futures, and for the sake of the Endless World’s future! Following by his side, you will receive endless benefits!”

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