Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 578 – Preliminary Peep at the Door

Chapter 578: Preliminary Peep at the Door

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“Flame Movement Carnage!”

Ye Yuan released all of his essence energy, wanting to shatter this world of ice and snow.

Yet, everything was futile. His Flame Movement Carnage was incapable of stirring up even a drop of sea spray.

But Ye Yuan did not have the intention of giving up. He swung his fists like this over and over again, repeatedly like a moth flying into the fire, all the way until he froze to death.

Then once more!

Ye Yuan already could not remember how many times he had died and how many punches he had swung.

Either way, every time he swung his fists, he had to go all out to release the Scorching True Intent to the limits!

“Still a little bit more! Just a tiny bit!”

These countless times of swinging his fists was not a wasted effort. Continuously persisting in the state of his limits, this made his utilization of the Scorching True Intent become even more practiced. The understanding became deeper too.

And now, Ye Yuan finally felt that he was gradually going to touch that threshold!

This feeling made him excited, yet dejected. He was excited that the Scorching Supreme True Intent’s gate was right in front of him; but feeling dejected that this step kept on being distant just like the end of the world for very long, unable to break through for a long time.

How could the gate to a supreme true intent be so easy to step inside?

But what Ye Yuan lacked the least was patience. In his previous life, in order to research a type of medicinal pill, he would even perform up to a million dreary experiments.

If there were not this sort of grinding process, he could not possibly have become the Divine Realm’s youngest peak Alchemy Emperor either.

This bit right now was simply just child’s play to him.

Just like this, his fists danced about over and over again, seeking that sensation of breakthrough bit by bit.

By the time it was the 170th day, Ye Yuan finally found a spark of inspiration!


Ye Yuan struck out a punch with all his might. The snowy-ice s.p.a.ce finally underwent a trace of change!

It was this trace of change that made Ye Yuan inexplicably excited.

That punch earlier shattered that extreme cold very briefly!

Even though it was only for an extremely brief time, Ye Yuan sensed it clearly!

But this punch, likewise, exhausted all of his essence energy. Ye Yuan would be frozen to death very soon.

Reviving again, Ye Yuan did not attack randomly right away, but he meticulously visualized that sort of feeling just now.

Mustering strength, punching out, shattering s.p.a.ce!

It was this sort of feeling!

Ye Yuan once again sensed that the instant the extreme cold was smashed, the extreme cold weather had that tiny hint of loosening up.

Although this sort of extreme cold was very stubborn and recaptured the position immediately, that kind of feeling absolutely would not be wrong!

“Heh heh, hard work pays off! Finally got a preliminary peep at the door!”

Even Ye Yuan himself could not help being proud of himself for a while either.

He only used a short 170 day’s time to get a preliminary peep at the door of the Scorching Supreme True Intent. This was absolutely a very remarkable achievement.

Even the Spirit Bristle Divine King back them spent at least several decades time to get a preliminary peep at the door of this supreme true intent.

As it was said: the first step was the hardest for everything. The hardest thing about comprehending concepts was not the process of comprehension, but finding the way to cross the threshold.

Even if Ye Yuan already comprehended the Scorching True Intent, to go a step further and achieve supreme true intent, it was another world.

This degree of difficulty was no less than an aboriginal ascending to the Divine Realm from the Endless World.

Apart from Ye Yuan this exception, for an aboriginal to want to ascend to the Divine Realm from the Endless World, there might not be one in several hundred years either. The level of difficulty could be imagined.

Ye Yuan could get a preliminary peep at the door in a short 170 days. This was absolutely an incredible heroic undertaking.

Of course, even if Ye Yuan got a preliminary peep at the door, the road at the back was extremely hard to walk too. But once this step was taken out, it was the most solid step.

The astonishment in the black-clothed person’s heart could be imagined. “This boy, just where did this freak pop out from? This is the Scorching Supreme True Intent, not some lousy common-ware. 170 days! He only used 170 days to get a preliminary peep at the door!”

The black-clothed person’s pride was already beaten completely battered and bruised by Ye Yuan under the circ.u.mstances where he knew nothing of.

Along the way, Ye Yuan completed far too many impossible to complete tasks. The black-clothed person already felt that he was numb. But he was still shocked by Ye Yuan once more without any surprise.

Even though the black-clothed person did not tell him the time he remained in the inheritance s.p.a.ce this time, he reckoned that it was almost up as well.

Even if there were still time left, there definitely wouldn’t be much left either. To want to get any progress in the Scorching Concept, the time was simply insufficient. Hence, Ye Yuan thought of the Nine Characters True Word Formula.

Ye Yuan decided to use this bit of time remaining to research this Nine Characters True Word Formula for a bit.

This Nine Characters True Word Formula was vastly different from ordinary martial techniques. There was no general outline, no cultivation method, just nine very blurry words, giving people a feeling of having no way to start.

Ye Yuan mustered up Heart Like Still Water and started to visualize the ‘Lin’ character formula. This already became a habit of Ye Yuan’s. Under Heart Like Still Water heart realm, regardless whether was it cultivation or battle for Ye Yuan, the efficiency was very high. Yet, in the next moment, Ye Yuan’s entire body suddenly trembled!

This Heart Like Still Water Realm actually produced an inexplicable resonance with the ‘Lin’ character!

“Could it be that these two have some connection?” Ye Yuan said in great surprise.

This Heart Like Still Water was successfully comprehended by chance when he was at the Nine Heavens Road. It was completely unrelated to this ‘Lin’ character.

But he clearly sensed that the heart realm which was stuck at the bottleneck all along seemed to have that tiny hint of loosening.

On the other side, the originally extremely fuzzy ‘Lin’ character in the sea of consciousness, under Ye Yuan’s visualization, seemed to gradually become clearer.

The two, heart realm and the ‘Lin’ character, seemingly like dry wood meeting raging flames, instantaneously producing a resonance!

Under this resonance, luck came as Ye Yuan’s mind became more agile, and he actually involuntarily formed a strange hand seal.

This hand seal was not complicated. But not knowing why, when Ye Yuan formed the seal, it was unbelievably strenuous.

The method to form the seals was clearly in Ye Yuan’s head. However, even the first hand seal, he was unable to form it even by mustering all of his might!

It was as if within this seal, it contained tremendous repulsive force, separating his both hands.

Ye Yuan was a stubborn person too. This first seal, he already formed more than half of it. Just the final step and it was going to succeed.

At this time, he absolutely did not wish to give up.

Hence, he used all the essence energy in his body, wanting to complete the seal.


Ye Yuan finally could not hold back the sweetness in his throat. A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out.

“This seal is exceedingly overbearing! It actually shocked me till internal injuries! Even the first seal is so profound. How terrifying must the seals at the back be?!” Ye Yuan wiped the fresh blood at the corners of his mouth and could not help saying with an emotional sigh.

Even though he did not succeed, Ye Yuan could confirm that this ‘Lin’ character and heart realm most likely had some kind of connection.

Ye Yuan already had not broken through in heart realm for very long, constantly marching on the spot. Evidently, he had reached a bottleneck.

But through the visualization this time, Ye Yuan clearly sensed Heart Like Still Water heart realm loosening up again.

As long as he continued visualizing, Ye Yuan’s heart realm was bound to have some breakthrough!

However, what excited Ye Yuan even more was that if visualizing the ‘Lin’ character could aid heart realm breakthrough, then didn’t he obtained a method to cultivate heart realm?

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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