Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 579 – Three Palms!

Chapter 579: Three Palms!

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Heart realm did not have a direct enhancement to a person when it came to combat power. But its auxiliary function was too powerful!

Along the way, this Heart Like Still Water already helped him for G.o.d knows how many times.

Essence energy realm increase was not something hard to Ye Yuan. But heart realm was different.

He knew that if there wasn’t any heaven-defying fortuitous encounter, wanting to breakthrough to Heart Like Monolith Realm was too difficult.

If this Nine Characters True Word Formula could really advance heart realm, then its benefit was huge.

But this was all just Ye Yuan’s deductions. He only visualized the ‘Lin’ character once and could not even form the first hand seal. How could wanting to break through be that easy?

However, as long as there was a direction to work towards, Ye Yuan believed that he could fumble it out someday.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan’s vision suddenly blurred, and he was directly kicked out of the inheritance s.p.a.ce. It turned out that time was already up.

His visualization this time, ten days’ time actually pa.s.sed in a twinkle.

When Ye Yuan recovered to his senses, he could not help feeling surprised.

This seventh level’s s.p.a.ce was not large but was totally bare. There was only a silhouette that appeared before him. It was precisely that black-clothed person!

“Is it possible that Senior you’re this seventh level’s guardian?” Ye Yuan figured out the connection very quickly.

The black-clothed person turned around and said indifferently, “That’s right! This seventh round is very simple. You just have to receive three of my palms and still be able to stand up will do!”

Simple? Probably wasn’t that simple, right?

It was only unless this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da owner was a fool that he would place a simple hurdle at the seventh level.

This black-clothed person was clearly an expert who was extremely powerful. With Ye Yuan’s present strength, he could not fathom the other party at all.

If these three palms were so easy to receive, Lu Linfeng would also not have suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat at this round.

That was a freak-like existence. Even he could not clear this round. The might of these three palms could be imagined.

“Senior’s strength is unfathomable. You hitting me with three palms, how can I not die?” Ye Yuan said.

“Don’t you worry. I’ll suppress my boundary to the level corresponding to yours. You’re Eighth Level Sea Transformation right now. I’ll face you with Eighth Level Sea Transformation!” said the black-clothed person coolly, his tone revealing extreme self-confidence.

Ye Yuan’s expression became apprehensive. Could it be that Lu Linfeng was the same as him?

If it was really like this, how formidable did this black-clothed person’s strength have to be?

Ever since Ye Yuan reincarnated, this was still the first time hearing that somebody dared to battle him with the same realm. Furthermore, what black-clothing said was . . . three palms!

Three palms and still being able to stand!

Which was also to say that Ye Yuan just had to endure these three palms and he could enter the next level successfully!

This black-clothed person was either a moron, or he had absolute confidence in his own strength.

Ye Yuan believed that his own performance, this black-clothed person definitely took it all into consideration. He actually still dared to say so under the circ.u.mstances where he knew Ye Yuan’s strength. He definitely had full confidence that Ye Yuan was not his match.

Seemingly discerning Ye Yuan’s worry, the black-clothed person said with a cold smile, “What? Scared?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Not so far as to be scared. The worst outcome is merely just losing the qualifications to continue challenging, that’s all. I was just trying to guess Senior’s strength.”

The black-clothed person did not seem to be joking as he said coldly, “You’re wrong! The first six levels indeed didn’t have the possibility of being injured or causing death. But these three levels behind, one might lose their lives at any time! Therefore, don’t you dare to have the mentality of pa.s.sing by a fluke.”

The black-clothed person paused for a bit and explained, “It’s genuine death!”

Ye Yuan could not help being startled inwardly. This black-clothed person was clearly not joking. Could it be that the next three levels would really have injury and death accompanying?

If this was the case, then wasn’t Lu Linfeng . . . beaten down by this fellow?

Ye Yuan could not imagine the sight of Lu Linfeng being beaten down to the ground by this person and being unable to get up.

The black-clothed person clearly did not know that Ye Yuan was still in the mood to scoff at Lu Linfeng at this time. He said coolly, “You still have the chance to choose to withdraw now. But once you decide, you don’t have the opportunity anymore.”

Ye Yuan did not have much hesitation as he said straightforwardly, “I choose to challenge!”

The black-clothed person was a little surprised. Ye Yuan’s reply was too quick as if he did not go through detailed deliberation at all.

Was this boy brave because of of his superb techniques? Or was he simply missing a few things in his head??

Although there were few who were able to make it to the seventh round, there was not a single exception; previously, those people all went through a very long mental struggle without exception before mustering up the courage to agree to it.

Not everyone could face the challenge of death calmly. No matter how overflowing you were with talent.

Only Ye Yuan seemed to say it without hesitation.

“You’re sure that you don’t need to reconsider? You should know that in this ten thousand years, there were a total of four people who entered the seventh level. But only a single person could endure my three palms! And the other three people, there was even one who was killed on the spot by me!”

The black-clothed person was not telling lies. The names on the light screen only showed that there were three people who entered the seventh level. As for their life and death, it could not ill.u.s.trate.

Actually, the black-clothed person being made fun of by Ye Yuan time and again, he more or less still had some thoughts of taking revenge in his heart.

He very much wanted to see fear, this emotion, on Ye Yuan’s face. But this time, he was still disappointed.

Ye Yuan had a calm look as he said without any fear, “Dying at Senior’s hands only shows that Ye Yuan’s skill was lacking. If I die, then I die. No big deal!”

Ye Yuan was a person who had died once. He was clearer than anybody in this world the implication of death.

But it was precisely because so that Ye Yuan yearned even more to obtain more powerful strength!

After reincarnation, Ye Yuan’s greatest obsession was revenge. Even after going through Ji Zhengyang’s enlightenment, this obsession of Ye Yuan’s did not change. However, he was still able to think rationally; he was still rational enough not to become an emotionless machine controlled by vengeance. He was slowly making his preparation and building up his strength.

Ye Yuan’s conviction to desire strength was greater than anyone!

Ji Canglan was too strong. Without absolute strength, Ye Yuan was simply incapable of defeating him.

With this conviction, Ye Yuan had never lacked courage!

He dared to challenge everything in this world!

If he did not even dare to receive the black-clothed person’s three palms, what courage would he have to go find Ji Canglan for revenge?

All along, facing people much more powerful than him, Ye Yuan had never retreated.

If G.o.ds blocked, kill G.o.ds! Buddha blocks, kill Buddha!

This was the path of a powerhouse!

Seeing the expression on Ye Yuan’s face, the black-clothed person knew that he belittled him too much.

True powerhouses absolutely would not fear death!

Their only fear was . . . fear that they were not strong enough!

Two Perfect Completions in a row, Ye Yuan naturally knew that there were even greater rewards waiting for him behind this.

And the current Ye Yuan made no effort to conceal the yearning for this reward as well.

This desire of becoming strong had long surpa.s.sed life and death already!

The black-clothed person fell silent for a long time before heaving a sigh and saying, “Looks like I’ve underestimated you! These three palms are extraordinary. You have to be careful!”

As he said, the black-clothed person’s realm dropped at a speed visible to the naked eye. But the aura on his body was rising steadily instead!

Ye Yuan and the black-clothed person faced each other from a distance, but their faces had never-before seen solemnness!

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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