Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 580 – Counterattack

Chapter 580: Counterattack

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Seeing the black-clothed person’s harrowing aura, Ye Yuan did not dare to be careless in the slightest, mobilizing all the essence energy in his body and gathering it onto his fist!

The palm wind was too fast. Ye Yuan simply could not cast Myriad Rain Sword Blades in time at all.

The aura was astonis.h.i.+ng. But the black-clothed person’s actions were not shocking.

He raised his palm slightly and just pushed out three palms in succession in a casual manner.

Three azure dragons carried a series of dragon roars as they galloped at full speed towards Ye Yuan!

The palm force had yet to arrive, and a sensation which made Ye Yuan feel suffocated was already transmitted in front of him.

At this moment, Ye Yuan felt an unprecedented pressure!

“Essence Energy Ignition! Flame Movement Carnage!”

At this moment, Ye Yuan used the most powerful Flame Movement Carnage without holding anything back, pouring the trace of concept which he comprehended in the inheritance s.p.a.ce into it as well.

Instantaneously, Ye Yuan swung out a myriad of uncountable punches. The entire sky was all Ye Yuan’s fists shadows.

Yet, those three azure dragons completely disregarded Ye Yuan’s fists shadows, breaching the defense Ye Yuan laid out at the forefront. It was as if breaking a dead branch from a tree.

They broke through Ye Yuan’s fist shadows savagely, instantly tearing those red-colored fist shadows to shreds.

But Ye Yuan did not seem to see it. He still brandished his fists frenziedly, striking towards the three azure dragons unceasingly.

These three azure dragons seemed to be like living things, destroying everything that obstructed them exceedingly tyrannically.

Ye Yuan in front of them was frail like a little kitty.

If such tyrannical three palms landed on Ye Yuan’s body, the outcome could not be imagined!

But Ye Yuan did not seem to be aware of the approach of danger. His fist speed became faster and faster. The fist shadows became increasingly concentrated!

Initially, the black-clothed person still looked at Ye Yuan’s struggle calmly. But his expression at this time involuntarily became somber!

The advancement speed of those three azure dragons actually became progressively slower!

The concentrated fist shadows landed on the azure dragons’ bodies. Even if it only scratched an itch for him, Ye Yuan’s fist shadows were swift to the extreme. It would cause considerable obstruction to them as well.

In this short while, Ye Yuan already struck out uncountable punches. Moreover, his speed was still becoming faster!

Through the true dragon’s blood reforming, Ye Yuan’s current body was already extremely powerful and could fully withstand this sort of taxing punching speed!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless fist shadows exploding sounds reverberated in the air, looking very spectacular!

The bodies of the three azure dragons actually gradually became illusionary. This was a sign of their energy about to be depleted!

“Hiss . . . This boy actually received three palms with such a method!”

When seeing the azure dragons’ bodies gradually becoming faint, the black-clothed person knew that Ye Yuan clearing this seventh level was already almost guaranteed!

Actually, the black-clothed person had never thought that Ye Yuan could not pa.s.s through the seventh level at all. Ye Yuan could clear the rounds perfectly twice. His concepts comprehension was far from what other martial artists could compare to.

Even that Li Fantian was much worse compared to Ye Yuan!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan had gone through the true dragon’s blood’s remolding. Within his essence energy now contained the qi of a true dragon.

The power of the Flame Movement Carnage that Ye Yuan fired out now was already much more powerful compared to previously.

If such a Ye Yuan could not pa.s.s the seventh level, he could directly find a piece of tofu to commit suicide.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ye Yuan punched out a fist one after another. The three azure dragons’ silhouettes already became fainter and fainter. That sort of initial savageness and pride were already completely gone at this time.

Finally, with a bang, the three azure dragons directly exploded in the air, and they were already less than 30 feet distance away from Ye Yuan.

“En? What’s this boy doing?”

The black-clothed person suddenly felt puzzled. After Ye Yuan utterly annihilated the three azure dragons, he was still punching non-stop!

The air gave off dense, yet dull detonating sounds, making people feel incredibly stifled.


Suddenly, a fiery-red colossal dragon rushed out from Ye Yuan’s fist shadows, hurtling straight at the black-clothed person!

The black-clothed person’s pupils constricted, and he sucked in a cold breath,“Hiss . . . This boy . . . is truly a freak!”

Talking was talking. The black-clothed person’s hand movements were not slow.

It was only to see him slowly reached out with his palm and grabbed hold of the dragon’s head quite leisurely, and then pinched lightly just like that. The originally violent red dragon immediately dissipated into nothing!

“Huu . . . Huu . . . Huu . . .”

Ye Yuan finally stopped and collapsed onto the ground straight away, panting heavily.

He was already totally drained of strength and could not even move even a finger at this time.

“How many years has it been? You’re the first person who still has the strength to spare to counterattack me. Truly remarkable!” The black-clothed person finally did not stint with his praises.

Even though he had long guessed that the seventh level could not stump Ye Yuan, he never would have thought that Ye Yuan actually still had strength left over to counterattack after neutralizing his attacks!

Those three palms of his earlier were not really sent out casually. It was just that he had long already had full control over palm force. That was why it appeared to be effortless.

In his view, Ye Yuan being able to barely receive these three palms was already considered not bad.

The matter developed just as he expected in the beginning too. He estimated that Ye Yuan’s limits were also just barely making it through these three palms.

But he never would have thought that Ye Yuan’s limits far exceeded his expectations!

No, it should be said that Ye Yuan’s limits were just that much. But when he used Flame Movement Carnage earlier, he seemed to have found some inspiration. Hence, he clenched his teeth and persisted longer than he initially could!

The first half segment was Ye Yuan’s strength, while the latter half segment . . . was entirely Ye Yuan using willpower to grit his teeth and persevere on!

In this countless years, geniuses that the black-clothed person had seen were like schools of carps crossing the river; they were too many to enumerate! Yet, he had never seen before any genius with Ye Yuan’s willpower!

When one’s physical abilities exceeded the limits, it would be immensely agonizing. Furthermore, all kinds of discordance would appear in one’s movements.

Without staggering willpower, there was just no way to control one’s strength.

But just now, each of Ye Yuan’s fist was controlled very perfectly, all the way until that final earth-shaking blow.

In the end, that fire dragon crumbled in a single blow in front of the black-clothed person only because he was too strong!

The power of that blow was already not beneath the Myriad Rain Sword Blades in the slightest!

“No wonder you could refine the true dragon’s blood. Just based on this willpower of yours, your future accomplishments are already limitless!” the black-clothed person praised.

Ye Yuan did not wish to speak nor did he have the strength to talk. He was already dead-exhausted.

Seeing the situation casually, the black-clothed person fired out a streak of essence energy into Ye Yuan’s body.

Ye Yuan shuddered slightly and finally recovered some strength.

He sat up and said to the black-clothed person, “This . . . Is it considered successful?”

The black-clothed person was dazed, and he could not help laughing as he said, “Of course! These three levels don’t have any Perfect Completion. If there was, you already cleared the round perfectly just now!”

Ye Yuan struck out the final punch and directly laid on the ground. According to what the black-clothed person said previously, it should be failing the challenge.

But even a moron could tell that Ye Yuan had indeed cleared the round. Furthermore, he cleared the round very beautifully!

Ye Yuan lifted his head slightly and forced a smile and said, “Huhu, then that’s good.”

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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