Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 581 – Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

Chapter 581: Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

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Only now did Ye Yuan know that these three levels actually did not have the talk of Perfect Clear.

But just from those three palms earlier, there was indeed no need for the so-called Perfect Completion.

Scattering those three azure dragons just now, he already used up all of his strength. If not for stubbornly holding onto one last breath, he would have fainted long ago.

To be able to last all the way until the final blow, on the one hand, stemmed from his powerful willpower. On the other hand, it was because his body was reformed by a true dragon’s blood before.

“You’re really a genius. To actually grasp the strength of a true dragon so quickly and fuse it into the Scorching True Intent! Tsk tsk, boy, I think very highly of you!” the black-clothed person praised.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Actually, I’m a little confused myself. When I went all out to deal with Senior’s palm force, the true dragon strength incubating in my body actually stirred, and it entered my fists bit by bit.”

The black-clothed person nodded slightly and said, “Looks like you’re a natural martial artist. Your future accomplishments might be above that fellow’s!”

Ye Yuan could not help being absent-minded when he heard that. From his previous life to this life, this was still the first time somebody gave him such an appraisal.

The previous life’s Ye Yuan likewise grew up in the midst of countless praises. But everyone all did not pay attention to his martial talent. Because his alchemy talent was too dazzling, so much so that it made everyone all overlook his talent in the Martial Path.

All the way until this lifetime, Ye Yuan resolved to become a Martial Path powerhouse. The more he placed effort in the Martial Path, the more did he discover that he seemed to have similarly tremendous potential in it.

Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword, Heart Like Still Water, Concept of Wind, Concept of Fire. These things all required martial artists to spend immense effort to go and comprehend. But he did not seem to have expended much time comprehending them.

Even though quite a few among these were because of coincidences, one had to admit that his talent played a very huge part.

Without talent, even if lucky chances came, one could only enter a treasure mountain and return empty-handed.

“Since you have some comprehensions, then regulate your breathing and digest your gains earlier right here for a bit. At the eighth level, I’ll only unleash two palms. You have to try your best!” Finished talking, the black-clothed person vanished.

“Huu . . . Finally going to enter the eighth level huh . . .” Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and muttered to himself.

The lowest goal which Ye Yuan set for himself was the seventh level. Except, he did not expect that the gains he had in this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da far surpa.s.sed his own imaginations.

Now, his strength soared rapidly. He totally had the qualifications to challenge the eighth level.

Ye Yuan even somewhat suspected if this was set up by the Vast Heaven PaG.o.da’s owner beforehand, and that he was currently walking step by step until now according to the route planned out by the Vast Heaven PaG.o.da’s owner.

Otherwise, it was simply impossible for an ordinary genius to walk to this step!

Ye Yuan had a feeling that this was a systematic training to nurture geniuses!

Courage and insight, comprehension abilities, and strength. Not one could be missing!

That fellow mentioned by the black-clothed person, Ye Yuan felt that he was very likely to be this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da’s owner.

This person was truly an enigmatic existence!

Ye Yuan felt like this Vast Heaven PaG.o.da owner might even be much stronger compared to the Ten Great Divine Kings. Could he be a Deity Realm existence?

But right now in this world, how could it possibly give birth to Deity Realm powerhouses?

The Vast Heaven PaG.o.da was something that only appeared in these ten thousand years. Could it be that within this ten thousand years, there were really Deity Realm powerhouses born?

If the Vast Heaven PaG.o.da owner was really a Deity Realm powerhouse, where did he go?

Deity Realm powerhouses had long lifespans. Living for ten thousand years was absolutely not an issue.

Ye Yuan felt that the riddles in his heart were getting more and more.

“Huhu, who cares. Want to attain Deity Realm, I first have to kill Ji Canglan!”

Ye Yuan chased this messy stuff out of his mind and started to meditate to recover essence energy.

After half a day, Ye Yuan opened both eyes. His body already recovered to its optimum state.

“Heh heh, if Lu Linfeng that old thing knows that I made it past the seventh level, who knows what expression he would have?” Ye Yuan suddenly remembered Lu Linfeng and could not help finding it funny.

Looks like Lu Linfeng should have comprehended the Formations Path in the Vast Heaven Stele. That was how he had today’s accomplishments.

But this old punk’s talent was indeed astonis.h.i.+ng too. To actually be able to rely on the Formations Path to achieve Ten Great Divine Kings.

However, Ye Yuan knew that this Vast Heaven Mystic Realm only opened up a window for Lu Linfeng. His true rise was still after exiting the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm.

. . . . . .


Outside the Vast Heaven PaG.o.da, Qi Hai’s hand trembled, crus.h.i.+ng the southern sandalwood cup filled with Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew into pieces.

This action of his startled Qin Yan and the others who were currently in closed-seclusion.

“Old Hai, what’s wrong?”

Qi Hai drew a deep breath and said, “You guys see for yourselves!”

The four people were stunned and followed Qi Hai’s gaze to look at the light screen. It was only to see that Ye Yuan’s name already appeared in the eighth level!

“Hiss . . . ” The four people sucked in a cold breath.

The eighth level. What kind of concept was this?

Ye Yuan already tied with the number one person in this ten thousand years, Li Fantian!

“Now, do you guys still have any opinions about following him?” Qi Hai asked leisurely.

The four people could not help exchanging glances and shook their heads at the same time.

What d.a.m.n opinion was there still?!

No matter how talented the four of them were, it was impossible to reach this sort of level too!

Compared to Ye Yuan, they were like fireflies compared to the bright moon; too great a disparity!

“You all cultivate properly. Don’t lose even the qualifications to follow him!” Qi Hai said with a long sigh.

. . . . . .

In the eighth level, Ye Yuan and the black-clothed person faced each other from a distance.

“Ready? This time, I’ll only unleash two palms, and I will still maintain the same realm as you!” said the black-clothed person.

Ye Yuan said, “Senior, this palm technique of yours seems to be unleashed with true dragon strength too. Although I didn’t sense a supreme true intent, the power isn’t the slightest bit inferior to supreme true intents. I wonder why?”

The black-clothed person said, “What’s strange about that? The strength of true dragons escapes the Five Elements in the first place. What the Four Great Divine Beasts relied on came from their bloodline power. And within their bloodline contains the Great Dao of heaven and earth in itself; this is not what humans can compare to. In terms of power, it’s naturally not worse off than supreme true intents. You had refined true dragon’s blood now, and the power of a true dragon is contained within your body too. You should be able to experience the might of bloodline power.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and understood very quickly.

Divine beasts were all the favored children of heaven. They were born with their might, especially the Four Great Divine Beasts. Their strength was even much stronger compared to many human Deity Realm powerhouses.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan knew that the Four Great Divine Beasts’ level of divine beasts virtually did not need to cultivate. As long as they matured to become adult divine beasts, they could achieve the divine path. The whole process from beginning to end was unbelievably heaven-defying.

Hence, divine beasts were all extremely proud races. Even a drop of blood essence contained an exceptionally tyrannical will inside.

“I got it. Senior, make your move!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

The black-clothed person was not long-winded either. This time, he placed both hands together. Immediately, a violent wind howled along with a series of dragon roars emitting!

“This set of palm technique is named Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm. Training to an advanced level can shatter the firmament with force! You have to receive it well!”

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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